Breakfast in Bed? Here Are London’s Most Luxurious Delivery Options
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Breakfast in Bed? Here Are London’s Most Luxurious Delivery Options

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Tired of boring toast? London’s got breakfast delivery options fit for 5-star hotels or your local foodie haven ‍.

Whilst we have all grown accustomed to lunch and dinner deliveries, there’s something slightly more magical about getting breakfast handed to you on your doorstep. Especially if said breakfast comes from a luxurious 5 star hotel chef, or your organic local deli.

Whether you are looking to surprised a loved one or indulging in some serious self-care, we have done all the digging – so you wouldn’t have to.

Here are the best breakfast delivery options you can order in London.

Panzer’s Breakfast Box – £80

Image courtesy of Panzer Deli

Forget boring toast, Panzer’s Deli is here to level up your breakfast game. This London legend serves up gourmet goodies that’ll have you skipping out of bed.

Their breakfast hampers are somewhat exceptional. We’re talking fresh bagels, melt-in-your-mouth smoked salmon, dreamy cream cheese, and fancy teas – the whole international breakfast thing. Plus, Panzer’s doesn’t mess around with presentation. These deliveries are like works of art, guaranteed to add a touch of elegance (and a whole lot of flavour) to your morning. 

Daylesford Organic – £75

Image courtesy of Daylesford Organic

Daylesford Organic isn’t your average breakfast delivery. It’s practically like having a secret portal to a farm overflowing with fresh, organic goodies. Their breakfast boxes are packed with warm, fluffy pastries straight from the oven, organic fruit juices that taste like sunshine in a bottle, and artisan cheeses.

The best part? They source everything – from their own farms to trusted partners who share their love for good food and a healthy planet. Plus, their packaging is eco-friendly, so you can feel good about treating yourself while being kind to Mother Nature. 

Fortnum and Mason

Image courtesy of Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum & Mason, the fanciest name in British food, is here to turn your breakfast into a royal feast. It’s about smoked salmon, artisan breads, incredible fruit jams and fancy teas.

But Fortnum & Mason doesn’t just stop at amazing food. Their hampers are like little breakfast treasure chests, all beautifully wrapped and ready to impress. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to feel like royalty for a morning, they’ve got a hamper for you. Plus, they change things up with seasonal treats and themed selections, so every delivery feels like a brand new adventure.

The Berkeley

Image courtesy of Globe Trender

The Berkeley, an iconic luxury hotel in London, offers a sumptuous “Breakfast in Bed” service that epitomises indulgence and comfort.

Known for its impeccable standards and attention to detail, The Berkeley ensures that their breakfast delivery transforms a simple morning meal into a lavish experience. The menu features classic favourites such as freshly baked pastries, organic eggs cooked to perfection, smoked salmon, and an assortment of seasonal fruits. To complement the meal, there are also premium beverages like freshly squeezed juices, high-quality teas, and rich, aromatic coffees.

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