This Artist Helped Create An NFT Collection Worth $166 Million
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This Artist Helped Create An NFT Collection Worth $166 Million

February 8, 2022 Share

Meet Burnt Toast, Scott Martin’s NFT collection Doodle that dropped late last year. The brightly coloured pastel illustrations raked in a lot of money in just three months. Here’s how he did it.

A Canadian-based illustrator, designer and animator with an impressive portfolio that includes clients like Google and Snapchat has been turning heads with his remarkable collection of work with NFT.

According to Fortune, “Martin and his two co-founders, Jordan Castro and Evan Keast, launched an art collection called Doodles in October of last year, made up of 10,000 NFTs, which sold out in minutes.”

The series includes colourful pastel-hued characters: humans, aliens, skeletons, and mascots. They frequently have accessories like sunglasses, AirPods, and angelic halos.


None of this is particularly unusual in the NFT world. It is unique because a generally new arrival to the digital art scene can suddenly make so much money. 

No, seriously – it took him just three months!

The collection has since done $166 million in sales alone.

“I went from a quite humble paycheck to quite a ridiculous one,” Martin told Fortune. “I’m still figuring out how to live this life”.  

All Illustrations Courtesy Of Burnt Toast/Scott Martin. Instagram

When I came across his Instagram page with a devoted fan base of 288 thousand followers, the fun-happy-go-lucky illustrations made me think – genius, just genius. 

It was until he planted his work into the digital metaverse that his art came to life.

But how did he do it?

Scott Martin and his team decided to animate and sell his work on Foundation’s online marketplace. This platform is an invite-only marketplace for creators.

All Illustrations Courtesy Of Burnt Toast/Scott Martin. Instagram

Choosing a price was the next step. “On October 17, 2021, when Doodles launched, the group sold each piece for .123 ETH, approximately $306,” says Art Essere.

Fortune states that his success “what boosted his process was musician Steve Aoki who halted one of his shows on January 12 2022, to show off a Doodle NFT that he had purchased for $859,000.”

And the rest is history.

As the digital metaverse welcomes the up-and-coming NFT world, creators, designers, illustrators and animators alike are jumping on the wow-wow train for a reason.

This NFT has specifically caused a cultural wave within the growing NFT community due to how fast it can change someone’s life. 

Illustrations Courtesy Of Burnt Toast/Scott Martin. Instagram
Images Courtesy Of Burnt Toast/Scott Martin. Instagram

As a person interested in NFTs, you know how they revolutionise how we perceive our world by bridging our tangible and virtual realities.

But I am just letting you know that if you are someone who has put some cash down on a bedazzled chimp or a punk figure, the future of NFT’s aren’t exactly looking too good right now. 

NFTs have grown at an alarmingly fast rate over the past few years, but the talk of the town is that at some point, this bubble will burst.

So if you have an artistic streak and love doodle, why not give it a go? But be quick. You never know what is looming around the ever-changing digital corner.

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