Best Documentaries to Watch to Get Educated Before an Interview
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Best Documentaries to Watch to Get Educated Before an Interview

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You should learn how to prepare for your interviews by educating yourself through watching documentaries – find out the best ones to watch!

Preparing for an interview is nothing short of nerve-wracking. Not only is it intimidating to speak to superiors in anticipation of a potential job, but your career might depend on this one meeting. While some individuals turn to others for help, many underestimate the power of documentaries. The problem is that our world is overloaded with documentaries these days. However, a good one consists of a novel perception of the world instead of mainstream videography. 

Depending on the job you are interviewing for, your choice of movie to watch will differ. Regardless, the best ones will teach you innumerable and invaluable lessons. They will further educate you and enhance your career journey. But settling on the ideal one to watch might be difficult. This article contains a rounded-up version of the ultimate features to further your education before your interview.

Value of Documentaries for Education

A documentary is the real-life portrayal of an issue or topic discussed in extensive detail. In college, students often have to write pieces about a topic they are studying. Racism and inequality are among the most widely debated topics across the world. Hence, accessing the Rosa Parks essay examples for college students provides insight into the issues. For example, “The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks” based on real life story shows the fascinating story of Parks and her life beyond the historic bus boycott, revealing the intent behind her activism, her radical politics and her courage. While watching this, you are inspired to try your best and get success in your field. This is amongst the best inspirational documentaries. Writing an essay is one of the various ways a person can instill knowledge. 

But why would a person willingly choose to watch a film for education? Instead of sitting through a class with detailed explanations, watching something is often more entertaining. Also, it provides you with well-research and adequate research. Such films are always based on the extensive investigation to provide the public with accurate information. Moreover, there aren’t many opinions about those movies. Instead, you will face unbiased facts based on thorough knowledge. 

Three Best Documentaries to Watch to Improve Your Education

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Whether you are preparing for an interview or not, a motivational documentary pushes your limits. It inspires you to excel through the meeting and the added knowledge to feel more confident. There isn’t a specific movie everyone should watch that guarantees a stellar experience. Instead, it varies according to your career path and the topics discussed within the interview. That said, discover the best list of documentaries that will inspire you and broaden your knowledge base.

13th (2016)

Have you ever wondered whether slavery still exists within the United States? Almost everyone desires the idea of abolishing slavery. However, while we do not conform to the traditional concept, it still does exist within the bounds of prisons. “13th” documentary, its director being Ava Duvernay, revolves around the Thirteenth Amendment, one exploring the slavery-abolishing laws. Throughout her movie, Ava discusses the various matters revolving around incarceration. She believes it is the new form of slavery within the country. As the documentary includes different proven facts and portrays intense depictions, it gives you a fresh perspective on our society. 

Iris (2014)

The iconic Iris Apfel is a businesswoman, fashionista, and interior designer. Her accomplishments within her years are astonishing. The documentary that further elaborates on her life, patterns, and morals is “Iris.” What makes her stand out is her quirkiness and unique sense of style. She manages to seize the day and push against all rules that confine her. 

If you are searching for a motivation documentary, then this will drive you to commit to dedicated work. In an interview with CNBC, Iris states, “if you want something badly enough and you work hard at it, you achieve it.” She left the world with her unique marks. Now, she encourages you to do the same. 

Somm (2012)

The master sommelier exam is one of the most challenging tests in the world. It follows four wine stewards who attempt to educate themselves about the marvels of wine to pass the exam. They set examples for how people can achieve the impossible through dedication and consistency. Less than 300 individuals have successfully passed the exam since the 1960s. Hence, it is no surprise that there are only 300 Master Sommeliers worldwide. “Somm” will push your critical thinking boundaries and make you more receptive to challenges. It is one of the best motivational documentaries.

Bottom Line

Motivational documentaries are a critical factor that incorporates into enhancing your education. While some are guaranteed to be boring, they are often more fun than taking a university course. Regardless, not any student will enjoy the films mentioned above. Instead, you should aim to find the ideal one based on your needs.

Eventually, you will adopt a keen eye, allowing you to find the best documentaries tailored toward you. You can find ones regarding the career you are interviewing for or one that discusses your passion. Either way, watching films for education guarantees a more adaptive approach to gaining knowledge. It condenses information and delivers it straightforwardly.

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