Berluti Presents Their Spring-Summer 2023 Collection
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Berluti Presents Their Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

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Faded flower patterns, linen suits and sleeveless gilets; Berluti has just launched a cosmopolitan Spring-Summer 2023 collection.

The Berluti Spring-Summer 2023 collection was shot on cobbled European streets. Models pose in monochrome linen suits, swede flight jackets and the occasional slim fit trousers for the Maison’s latest collection; an ode to elegance, golfing and summer afternoons. Casual yet refined, the brand’s latest reflects a versatile Berluti, one that, according to Vogue, “wants to appeal tomen who value style over fashion.”

Look 18. Image courtesy of Berluti.
Look 21. Image courtesy of Berluti.

Monochrome linen suits, floral prints, and intricately strapped leather sandals are only some of the collection’s stand-outs. At its most casual, Berluti is proposing a beige zip-up hoodie and shorts – a seemingly simple look elevated through a leather-tab t-shirt and a matching scritto towel. Conversely, at its most elegant, we see double faced cashmere blazers, embodying a collection of cosmopolitan craftsmanship.

Look 24. Image courtesy of Berluti.
Look 23. Image courtesy of Berluti.

Understandably, what constantly shines through the Berluti Spring-Summer 2023 collection is the brand’s versatility and mastery with leather goods. Part of their exceptional boot-making legacy, Berluti showcases their artistry through designs such as the Greenwich Andy briefcase, of which the Maison highlights the following:

“Its signature contours and detailing draw their inspiration from the iconic Andy
loafer, designed by Olga Berluti for Andy Warhol. The loafer’s slit penny bar, tongue and stitching influenced the bag’s flap contours, handle design, edges, and topstitching.”

Look 17. Image courtesy of Berluti.
Look 25. Image courtesy of Berluti.

In terms of patterns, there’s an intriguing use of faded floral. We see it stamped on open shirts and knee-length shorts, which pair nicely with the mix of refreshing summery colour palettes. Featuring pieces in sky blue, mint green and camel, Berluti’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection showcases an imaginative colour chart that is innovative even down to the new shades of leather patina.

Despite all this, what the collection particularly shines with is its references and praise to golf, a market which they have been catering to since their successful launch some years ago of their golf shoe, the Swing. This time round they are also offering “a cap, a visor, a golf ball case, and a cotton and linen bag with two handles in Nero Verde patinated leather”. All of this meticulous attention references what Berluti calls the “intrinsic values of golf”, this being passion, fair play, respect, perseverance, humility, tempered and intelligence.

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