Annie Doble: From Spitalfields Market to the High Streets
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Annie Doble: From Spitalfields Market to the High Streets

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Annie Doble is who Kate Moss, Rita Ora and Paris Hilton turn to for vintage fashion in Ibiza and London. Here’s the story behind her success.

Imagine owning so many Vogue magazines that your ceiling starts to crack from their weight, and you’ll have a pretty accurate picture of what the queen of vintage Annie Doble, is like. Born to scientist parents and with little to nothing to guide her down the daunting world of fashion, Annie Doble’s boutiques have now sold to the likes of Paris Hilton, Kate Moss or Rita Ora.

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Like many lovers of vintage, Doble began her career on eBay, selling pre-loved items online until she decided to open up a stall at Spitalfields Market at age 17. Proving that perseverance is key, Annie sometimes would spend whole days without selling anything, but that did not stop her from setting up her stall, time and time again, for years.

Somewhere along the way, the Brit discovered Ibiza. As for many, it was a game changer; a hedonistic bliss of good weather, pretty people and an eclectic party scene captured Annie to the point where she decided to launch Annie’s Ibiza. Set by the cobbled streets, the boutique opened up right underneath her house, something which Anna has claimed to be necessary due to the many last-minute phone calls and special requests she receives.

Annie’s Ibiza was (and is) a booming success. Dressing the likes of Paris Hilton for a party hosted by photographers Mert & Marcus, Annie has developed a close rapport to some of the world’s most notorious and exclusive celebrities.

And although most of it comes from Annie’s impeccably fun and bold taste in fashion (she only stocks things she herself would wear), it most likely has something to do with how she runs her shop. Annie describes it a place to sip on a coffee and leave inspired, as opposed to simply a place to shop.

Image courtesy of @anniedoble

With a name like Annie’s Ibiza (or simply Annie’s at the Soho sister boutique), Doble is a great part of the experience. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the pieces she sells (she is, in fact, obsessed with understanding a garment’s history, where it came from and what to style it with), but she happens to be bubbly and friendly, with just the right amount of coyness that makes her ever so alluring.

Despite all her coyness, she did refuse to sell a 1950s feathery cape to Kate Moss, instead offering her to borrow it. And not only that, but she also houses a dress, also a 1950s gem, which once belonged to the Queen and was given to one of her ladies in waiting. This is quite a rare occurrence, as usually whatever was owned by the Queen is usually intercepted and removed before it can be sold.

Although her ventures did begin with vintage, Annie’s now stocks up on up-and-coming designers too. She quickly swoops up the Central Saint Martins‘ alumni, always ordering special one-off pieces for her to sell at her boutiques. The result? Two shops in prime locations, which are the perfect pairing of precious old vintage and exciting new designs that mélange into a collection fit for the present.

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