Anne Heche | 5 Times The Tomboy Shocked The World With Her ‘Boyish’ Beauty
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Anne Heche | 5 Times The Tomboy Shocked The World With Her ‘Boyish’ Beauty

August 16, 2022 Share

With the recent news of Anne Heche, a Hollywood star whose tragic passing came too soon, fans are flocking to revisit her most-memorable moments in Tinseltown.

Anne Heche, the American actress and blonde babe of Hollywood who starred in significant roles like Six Days, Seven Nights and Wag the Dog, passed away in Los Angeles on August 12, 2022. This marked the 53-year-old’s final tragedy in the talented actress’ life.

The late 90s icon found fame as an actor and claimed many Hollywood titles under her sleeve by 2004. These include the 1997 gangster drama Donnie Brasco, action-thriller Volcano and horror-struck film  I Know What You Did Last Summer

It may have marked a sorrowful day for the Movie Capital of America, but what the quintessential award-winner left behind was a whirlwind of memorable movies, effortless onscreen dressing and an impactful Broadway presence.

But besides the star’s tragic upbringing and “crazy in me” scares, what the audience craved far beyond her impeccable camera presence was her ‘boyish’ charm and beauty.

“Are we changing the idea of what beauty is? Let’s hope so. I’m not the typical Hollywood beauty. Let’s hope we’re looking at people’s insides a little more.”

– Anne Heche.

Her petite, dominant and outgoing aura may have allowed her to blend into dark horror roles comfortably, but when the cameras weren’t rolling, her effortless fashion sense was magnetic, unmissable and applauded by many.

Here is five times the once described tomboy of LA surprised the world with her ‘boyish’ beauty:

Anne Heche And Her Feathered Choppy Locks

Anne Heche
A snapshot of the movie Six Days, Seven Nights. Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

If you Google the ‘tomboy’ trend today, you’ll get a long list of fashionable, androgynous women who express themselves through their outfits. Over the decades, the tomboy style has become commonplace. Skinny jeans, t-shirts, fitted jackets and boots are all items you’ll see all year round.

The look is versatile, comfortable, and still elegant. Coco Chanel would be proud of our willingness to be different and express our individuality through fashion. But what transformed Heche’s life was when she joined the short bob or feathery chopped lock look. It suited her so much that it became synonymous with her aura on and off camera.

Her Effortless Style And Laid Back Looks

Anne Heche

Image from Wallpaper Flare.

As we head into a new fashion era, many stars are beginning to ignore the archaic standards of gender norms and roles – especially regarding their clothing of choice.

Celebs like Harry Styles, Jaden Smith, and Billy Porter are playing with fashion and bridging the gap between what was previously considered “women’s” and “men’s” clothing pieces.

More male-identifying people are wearing skirts, dresses, heels and makeup – while more women are ditching feminine looks for comfort and practicality. Even stars like David Bowie, Dan Levy, Jard Leto and JVN have set a precedence for men gaining the confidence to rock whatever they please – like a suit or a lace-trimmed gown. 

If you’ve ever wondered how some women effortlessly pull off Tomboy chic, look no further than Anne Heche. Aside from her pixie hair-do and petite physic, her style over the years changed drastically. From girly-girl dresses to pants and Shireburn’s, Heche embraced the ‘boyish’ trend and sometimes mixed it into her version of feminity. 

Anne Heche’s Sophisticated Yet Dominating Aura 

Anne Heche
A snapshot of the movie Six Days, Seven Nights with co-star Harrison Ford. Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

The energy field around Heche was said to be outgoing and dominant, which could explain the number of stylish shades she owned. Fashion isn’t just about the fabrics; it’s about being memorable. 

And even though Elton John already wins with his outlandish shades, Heche also had several pop-out must-haves. From Aviators and round hippie Osbournes to golden jewels surrounding boxed-type polaroids, Heche knew how to grab attention and keep it there.

Acting Like A Boss In Chicago P.D To A Crazy Magnetic In Psycho

Heche plays her lead role in Psycho. Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

Heche appeared on many TV series, including Save Me, Blackout, The Brave, and Chicago P.D – all roles which complimented her true personality. If we step away from the ‘boyish’ trends, her confidence was something that fans claimed landed her in male-dominating parts. From multiple films and broadway extravaganzas, her diversified talent took her from helpless victim to police boss in seconds.

Breaking Down Barriers With Relations Like DeGeneres

Anne Heche
Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche. Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

In 1997, Anne entered the spotlight when she started dating the American TV phenomenon, Ellen DeGeneres. Together they broke history by becoming the first openly gay female couple in Hollywood.

Initially, they faced a lot of scrutiny for it, but the relationship ended in 2000. This also became the starting point of Heche’s tomboy trend and personality shift – a relationship that changed her life forever.

R.I.P Anne Heche.

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