Bruna Marquezine | The Life Of The Brazilian Born Bombshell
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Bruna Marquezine | The Life Of The Brazilian Born Bombshell

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Bruna Marquezine has been on television since she was a child, appearing on some of Brazil’s most renowned soap operas, such as Mulheres Apaixonadas and America.

But in 2002 she was chosen among the hundreds of young models for participation in the awards ceremony of the winners at the Cannes Film Festival.

“My character has many emotional scenes, but I don’t make any efforts to start crying; I need a couple of seconds to do this after the director asks me to do it. I was even an example for the adult actresses.” – Bruna Marquezine.

The actress has been nominated more than once for prestigious awards and has received multiple awards. But what’s more impressive is her Instagram following.

Here is a timeline of the star’s movie career so far:

2003 – Women in Love

2005 – América

2006 – Snakes & Lizards

2007 – Forbidden Desire

2008 – Negócio da China

2012 – Hail George

2014 – Em Família (Helena’s Shadow)

2016 – Nothing Remains the Same

2018 – God Save the King

The well-travelled star premiered her current YouTube channel in 2020, where she currently sits with over 100 000 dedicated subscribers. They all enjoy her localised, energetic fun-packed lifestyle and are driven by her ambitious outlook on life.

Bruna Marquezine is going places. Check out her channel below:

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