Gianluca Vacchi Disappears From His Mansion In The Sky
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Gianluca Vacchi Disappears From His Mansion In The Sky

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Where Will The Italian Millionaire Sail To Next?

Gianluca Vacchi, the Instagram dance celebrity has decided to pack his bags and leave behind his Sunset Harbour penthouse in Miami Beach for $10,900,000

This Italian entrepreneur, with an estimated net worth of $300 million, disappears from his luxury home to set sail on something even bigger – a single-family home in Miami worth $25.4 million

Going by the title of Pop Artist of a Global Lifestyle, Vacchi has certainly diversified his business interests. The company millionaire and founder used his money to become a viral star on Instagram with over 14 million followers. 

The international sensation earned his fortune as a large stockholder in an Italian manufacturing business called IMA. The business is said to be responsible for the production of anything going when it comes to packaging. 

Taking it easy: Gianluca Vacchi with former Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez (Picture: Instagram/gianlucavacchi)
(Picture: Twitter/gianlucavacchi)

From pharmaceuticals, coffee and tea to even specialised machinery, the company is worth over $2 billion – and that is just the start.

Nowadays, he shares images of his lavish lifestyle, eccentric wardrobe and of course those famous dance moves he practices with his 25-year-old American model girlfriend, Sharon Fonseca. 

The DJ and social media star is known for blasting out images of his luxurious lifestyle – yachts, fast cars and glitzy parties. But now he’s turning his focus on listing his beloved empire set in the clouds.

Under the control of the Executive Director of Sales at Douglas Elliman, Dina Goldentayer, the leading sales agent under Forbes, Vacchi guarantees that buyers or clients won’t regret a thing.

The New Condo In Miami. Photo by Case Magazine

In a Youtube video released last year, Gianluca Vacchi is seen floating around his private 1600 SF rooftop, explaining the concept behind his penthouse love.

“Light and water are very important elements in our lives. We are made up of 70 per cent of it. And light ignites and nourishes the part of the brain that determines our creativity and happiness, also known as the medulla,” says Vacchi.

“When you are choosing a house in Miami, you have to watch for two things. Light and water. My penthouse suite called S2S or Sunrise to Sunset is incredible because you have both here. Step inside my penthouse with Dina, you won’t regret it”

With his Miami Beach penthouse, he poured his passion into creating a sanctuary in the heart of Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour. 

Gianluca Vacchi
Gianluca Vacchi
All Pictures Courtesy of Profile Miami Real Estate

According to Profile Miami Real Estate, his penthouse is catered to show off his love for entertaining, skiing and DJing. 

Towering at 26 stories, interiors over 7,000 SF, four bedrooms + staff,  three parking, two views and 111 linear feet on the Biscayne Bay, his completely reconstructed and renovated mansion in the sky showcases a minimalist and modern aesthetic.

Gianluca Vacchi
Gianluca Vacchi

Inside, Vacchi’s art collection includes a life-size ostrich installation and a large silvery sculpture of a whale that his aunt designed – or so he says.

In the entryway hang provocative photographs of an adult film star by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and a mural by the artist Graham Gillmore that spells out Save yourself, go on without me.

The expansive unit features a dramatic master suite with a terrace facing the ocean, a private chef’s kitchen filled with sunlight and an open concept media room.

Plus, a spectacular VIP master suite with a fireplace and an office floating over the bay. The residence offers breathtaking views of the Downtown skyline and unmissable sunsets, ideal for any social media showdown.

Gianluca Vacchi

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