An Argument For Buying Tech Next Season
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An Argument For Buying Tech Next Season

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There’s value for those who wait; here’s DDW’s argument for holding off and buying next season’s tech instead of this one’s.

No matter what we’re looking to buy or engage with, the most exciting options in tech are almost universally the newest. Existing on the cutting-edge style and technology means experiencing it in its infancy, and being part of a movement that could balloon into something more, or could very well bite us back.

With this in mind, here’s our argument that we should sometimes wait for tech, and why a warier approach can sometimes be the best one.

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An Exception for your Passion

Before going into the examples of tech and why we believe users should sometimes wait to purchase, it’s important to note that we’d never suggest you don’t make room for exceptions in some areas and hobbies.

If something is your passion, then being an early adopter can be an important part of your lifestyle, and that is clearly never a bad idea. Quite the opposite. The point is to know that, in the landscape of technology there are a million caveats that even veterans can occasionally miss.

Fear of Missing Out

One of the biggest drivers making us engage with reckless tech purchases is FOMO, or fear of missing out. This is especially the case with blockchain technologies, made famous by the leaps of Bitcoin. Early adopters here have been much discussed, leading many of us to think what if?

The problem here is that Bitcoin is the exception, not the rule. Most other cryptos, and the new trend of NFTs, have never come close to Bitcoin’s success. By relating themselves to the same technology, however, they encourage us to overextend, leveraging collective concerns that we could miss the next big thing. While it can be fine to drop petty cash on testing the waters, expecting patterns of technologies like Bitcoin to repeat has proven foolish for most users.

Even Established Names aren’t Above Mistakes

There are a few big names in the tech space which have releases we all rush out for. The most obvious example here is Apple with its iPhone range. As the devices which essentially popularised smartphones, these systems enjoy a ravenous fanbase, but even Apple systems aren’t above question.

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Perhaps the most famous example of these systems falling short was the iPhone 4, which had poor reception problems thanks to a design flaw. Rather than offering repairs, then CEO Steve Jobs came out with the suggestion to simply not hold the phone as you usually would. To be fair, that works, but equally, how you hold an ostensibly superior device should never cause such major issues. This is hardly the only example of Apple’s failure in design, and if this company can make a mistake, you can bet others can too.

Reviews set the Tone

To avoid issues, our best suggestion would be to wait at least a month and check out the reviews which are performed by both professional and amateur reviewers. Both sides will allow users the full picture, where professionals can detail the technical specs, while the mass adoption by consumers will point out rarer issues or the niche oddities pros can miss. This concept applies to both the software and hardware spaces, where each should have support before being looked at seriously.

First, let’s consider the software space in the professional sphere, by investigating the latest online casino reviews for major websites. In this instance, the reviews are written for Arabic players, who will have different licensing concerns than other audiences. Professional reviews of these websites like Lucky Dreams and Bet365 will be able to point out the latest tech changes, like security updates, software developments, and programming languages. Even offering insight into VPN access and device compatibility, this side of the spectrum is a necessary component for any player to study. 

In the hardware space, let’s consider amateur reviews, where a look into tech has shown to be well served with newer devices like folding phones. Devices like the Galaxy Z Fold and the Oppo Find N can be tested by pros, but failure rates of newer tech like this can only really be detected on the mass scale. To this end, individual reviews over a month or two can show what professionals couldn’t by giving consumers a broader picture of what to expect.

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Unless you have an unlimited bankroll, purchasing the best tech is always about balancing choices. Rushing in can pay off, but it can also be a gamble that will come back to bite you in unexpected ways. Being patient with the technological systems you engage with, and waiting for reviews, is by far the safest method, and it comes with potential advantages in reduced cost too.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is ask yourself: when was the last time the new features of technology mattered to you in the first couple of months following release?

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