Bella Hadid Joins Metaverse With Her NFT Collection
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Bella Hadid Joins Metaverse With Her NFT Collection

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Many celebrities are becoming interested in the metaverse world, buying NFTs to ensure their participation in this booming digital revolution that can shape the future. However, supermodel, Bella Hadid joins metaverse with her own NFT collection, which turned many heads towards her.

The 25-year-old Palestinian supermodel, Bella Hadid joins metaverse in the most unexpected way! She revealed on Instagram that her NFT line, CY-B3LLA, will be available soon. With the release of CY-B3LLA, a set of Non-Fungible Tokens containing artwork based on 3-D scans of Bella Hadid’s face and physique, she has transitioned from the catwalk into the meta-walk. 

It is “a collection of 11,111 special NFTs that serve as your passport to this new universe,” as Bella Hadid stated. After becoming infatuated with video games during the COVID-19 lockdown, she told Reuters in an interview that she was intrigued by shared virtual world surroundings, and that she wanted to create “cool versions” of herself.

“In the coming months, we’ll grow this new meta-nation with real locations and events all around the world, where I can meet each and every one of you.”

Bella Hadid

Why did Bella Hadid join Metaverse with an NFT collection?

Earlier, she mentioned on her Instagram account that she had created the NFTs to “encourage travel, community, growth, fantasy and human interactions”. She also mentioned that she believes that the metaverse fosters prospects for connections and sustainability. Whether it’s music, art, video games, or other digital media, it’s a reproduction of the real world.

In case you are still wondering about NFTs…

Blockchain is a database of transactions recorded on networked computer systems, and NFTs are virtual assets that reside there. Virtual things of any kind, including images, videos, music, and text, can all be acquired and sold as NFTs. These digital assets are created, bought, and sold online, mostly with cryptocurrency.

Bella Hadid Joins Metaverse
Image courtesy of Reuters

Bella thinks that the CY-B3LLA collection will serve as a welcome to a brand-new global nation. The NFTs were inspired by ten different nations, with help from regional artists.

“To see what kind of version of me that their brain concocted was really interesting … There are so many different versions of me that you could make and not ones that I could ever dream up,”

she said.

The locations and all related digital materials will be shown anytime between now and September, with the first batch being pictures of a robotic-looking Hadid that was inspired by Japan. Each NFT also functions as a passport to a worldwide community, granting access to awards and actual events that Hadid attended. Although the purchase date for these NFTs has not yet been disclosed, interested buyers can register online.

“It’s really exciting to see that people actually, like, want to be involved,” mentioned Hadid. “Every time I put something out, it feels like a birthday party, like no one’s going to show up. And so it’s been really nice to see … people actually … kind of tuning in and understanding it.”

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