Adjaye Associates Unveils Interfaith Complex in Abu Dhabi
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Adjaye Associates Unveils Interfaith Complex in Abu Dhabi

March 31, 2023 Share

Inaugurated in February, The Abrahamic Family House is a groundbreaking project promoting interfaith unity and understanding by Adjaye Associates in Abu Dhabi.

If you keep up with architecture-related news, you have very likely come across Adjaye Associates and their new Abrahamic Family house. It is the kind of project that the media latched onto, and not only because of its enticing visuals. This groundbreaking project is set to change the way we view interfaith relations with a three-building complex, located on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, including a mosque, a synagogue, and a church, all in close proximity to each other.

Image courtesy of Dezeen

What makes the Abrahamic Family House so unique is its focus on unity and shared values. The buildings are designed to reflect the similarities between the three Abrahamic religions, rather than their differences, which means they will share a common geometric language, with overlapping domes and arches, and will be surrounded by public spaces and gardens. And it’s not just about the buildings, either. The complex will be surrounded by gardens and public spaces, providing a space for people of different faiths to come together and learn from each other. It’s all about breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of community.

The name of the complex, Abrahamic Family House, is a nod to the figure of Abraham, who is considered a prophet in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. By choosing this name, the project emphasizes the shared heritage and history of the three religions and the importance of working together towards a common goal, but it isn’t the only thing that nods towards commonality. A similar yet equally distinct architectural language sets apart Adaje’s three buildings, their facades made up of repetitious patterns; one curved, one straight, and one tilted. These all sit above a plinth, looking to separate the religious spaces of prayer from what has been called the ‘Forum’, a space for dialogue and knowledge exchange.

Image courtesy of Dezeen

The project is being developed by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity, which was established in 2019 to promote cooperation and understanding between different religions. They’re doing a pretty bang-up job, as The Abrahamic Family House is already generating a lot of buzz and excitement, and people from all over the world are looking forward to checking it out upon completion.

Image courtesy of Dezeen
Image courtesy of Dezeen

The Abrahamic Family House is not just a building – it is a symbol of hope and unity. It is a reminder that, despite our differences, we share a common humanity and a common direction. By working together towards a common goal, we can build a brighter future for all.

So if you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi, make sure to swing by the Abrahamic Family House. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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