Acts of Kindness You Can Do This Year
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Acts of Kindness You Can Do This Year

November 1, 2022 Share

Perhaps 2023 is the year we will put that whole cheesy phrase, “random acts of kindness” to good use.

Will 2023 be the year you finally get serious about helping others via random acts of kindness? Doing a good deed with no thought-to-personal-gain can be transformative, not to mention the benefits for recipients of the actions. In a way, being kind is like so many New Year’s resolutions, in that everyone talks about a good game, but only a few ever put the concept into action. Why not be one of the few? What can you do to get started with your random acts of kindness?

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Of course, there are countless acts that can make a difference in people’s lives, and it’s always wise to tailor your good deeds to the recipient’s situation. However, many people have discovered that things like volunteering to teach English to foreign speakers is an ideal way to assist people in need. Additionally, co-signing on a student loan can make a huge difference in a young person’s life. No matter where you live, it’s possible to do community-oriented things, like joining a litter pick-up crew, driving cancer patients to their doctor appointments, and organizing a food drive or making food donations to local churches and charities.

There’s so much you can crack on with, that we’ve compiled a list of our favourites. Here are a few suggestions for getting started.

Help Someone Get Approved for a College Loan

Image courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez

Some RAKs have the power to transform a person’s entire life. That’s certainly the case when you decide to help someone obtain a student loan by acting as a co-signer for them. Not only do student loans with a cosigner have a greater chance for approval, they usually come with lower interest rates and all-around better terms. The upshot for the student is beneficial in multiple ways because they also end up paying much less over the life of the loan agreement. It’s worth remembering that many prospective college students have a low chance of loan approval unless they have a co-signer. By filling that role, you make it possible for someone to earn a degree and begin a rewarding career. For many who wish to attend college, there’s only one way to get approved for a loan.

Volunteer to Teach English to Foreign Speakers

Community centers and city libraries have an ongoing need for adults who are willing to take a short training course and then teach English to recent immigrants. There are no special skills or licenses needed to do the job, and instructors can choose to work as few or as many hours per week as they wish. Most of the students are low-income individuals who have no other financial means to pay for language instruction. Most who try this opportunity love it and end up doing it long-term.

Drive Cancer Patients to Medical Appointments

Contact your local hospitals and cancer treatment clinics to ask about their driver volunteer programs. The positions require proof of insurance and a clean driving record. After they do a brief criminal background check, the organizations will begin assigning you to patients who need regular rides to clinics, treatment centers, and hospitals one or more times per week. Scheduling is flexible, and you’ll get the chance to help some people in dire need. The majority of trips are short ones and based in your neighborhood. While you are transporting these patients you can engage them in conversation if that is in line with their personality or you can use the time to encourage them to practice meditation and try to rest their minds before and after their treatment. 

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