Accessorising Your Holiday Wardrobe: Jewellery Dos and Don’ts
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Accessorising Your Holiday Wardrobe: Jewellery Dos and Don’ts

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Elevate your holiday style with the perfect jewellery Discover tips on pairing accessories with your attire to shine this season.

Planning your holiday attire is fun but can also pose a few difficulties depending on the style you’re looking for. The good news is that, with the right accessories, you can style your outfit to convey the message you want, especially on holiday. An essential part of these add-ons is jewellery – those glittering finishing touches that can either make or break your festive look. If you want to know how to use your jewellery to fit the occasion, we have a few tips for you. 

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Understand Your Wardrobe

Before we talk about jewellery, let’s take a step back and spend a moment understanding your holiday wardrobe. 

Are you a fan of classic knits and festive colors, or do you prefer the timeless elegance of cocktail dresses? Maybe you adore the creative edge of theme-specific attires. Each outfit type calls for different accessories to enhance its charm. 

For instance, that chunky Christmas-themed brooch probably wouldn’t work with your sleek dinner dress, while delicate silver hoops may get lost if paired with a vibrant holiday sweater. This is why, before you decide which jewellery to add to your outfit, you have first to understand the pieces that go into your holiday wardrobe.

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Items

Now that you understand the connection between the pieces in your wardrobe and the pieces in your jewellery box, let’s see how to pair them according to several factors.

Consider the Occasion

The type of event you are going to attend is crucial when it comes to choosing jewelry. 

For casual family get-togethers, focus more on comfort without sacrificing style. Light accessories like stud earrings or a thin bangle would be ideal here. Conversely, for grand parties or dinners, feel free to flaunt those statement pieces – dramatic chokers, layered necklaces, or large hoop earrings.

Special occasions, such as galas or an evening of culture and art require a more luxurious and elegant look, so feel free to wear your diamond earrings or ruby ring. And if you want something new for the occasion, check out the latest collection of ruby rings by Diamondere.

Focus on Color Coordination

Colors are amazing, but you need to make sure they fit together or that one is not overpowering the others.

For instance, silver-toned jewelry might be your best choice if your outfit heavily features cool shades like blues and purples. On the other hand, gold-toned pieces beautifully complement warm colors like reds and greens.

Balance is Key

Lastly, keep in mind that everything in life needs balance, even our outfits.

With a plain outfit, you can go bold with your jewellery choices and vice versa. You can mix and match, but make sure not to overlook either element – remember that both your outfit and jewelry are part of the same visual story.

What Not to Do

You probably know these rules, but it’s best to revisit them from time to time. Here are the top 3 things to avoid when using jewelry to accessorize your holiday wardrobe:

  1. Avoid clashing metals. It’s a common perception that mixing gold and silver can look disorganized, so it’s better to stick with one for a single look.
  2. Beware of overdoing it. While the holidays indeed invite a certain degree of extravagance, wearing too many flashy pieces simultaneously can lead to visual competition rather than coordination. Ensure each piece gets its moment in the spotlight!
  3. Don’t surrender your personal style. Sure, trends are tempting, but remember to always stay true to yourself. Regardless of what’s ‘in,’ if it doesn’t resonate with you, it probably won’t do any justice to your outfit either.

That being said, plenty of people like to break the rules and do so successfully. So, if you’re confident in your choices and know how to coordinate colors while maintaining some form of balance, have some fun playing with the rules. 

Wrap Up

Remember that the holidays are special occasions when we meet with friends and loved ones. So, it’s best to use your accessories to create a warm and elegant appearance. This works well for both family dinners and evenings at the theater.

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