Most Popular Electric Vehicles in the US, Canada, and France
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Most Popular Electric Vehicles in the US, Canada, and France

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Discover the most popular electric vehicles (EVs) in the US, Canada, and Japan and factors to consider when choosing one.

As they continue to rise in popularity, electric vehicles (EVs) have proven to be more than a brief fad. While the environmental benefits of driving EVs are often discussed, other advantages exist.

EVs typically have lower running costs due to cheaper charging and fewer mechanical components leading to lower maintenance costs and taxes in many parts of the world. Additionally, many towns, cities, and other jurisdictions offer reduced charges for entering certain zones and/or free parking for EVs. Although the initial purchase price may be higher than conventional vehicles, these long-term cost savings can make EVs a more economical choice.

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But what are the most popular EVs in three of the world’s biggest car markets — the United States, Canada, and Japan?

United States — Tesla Model Y

Despite a highly-publicized backlash against electric vehicles, they remain very popular in the US. The government even offers those buying new EVs up to $7,500 in federal tax credit.

The majority of Americans want to make more environmentally-friendly choices. CyberGhost’s study shows that almost 35% are considering buying a fully electric vehicle, and nearly 20% are considering buying a hybrid vehicle. The best-selling EV in the US is Tesla’s Model Y, which has sold more than 250,000 models since its launch in 2020. Almost 29,000 were sold in January 2023 alone.

The Tesla Model Y is a practical SUV designed for families, and in 2022 achieved a 5-star safety rating from the Euro NCAP. Moreover, the Tesla Model Y is also the best-selling EV in the UK — another large car market.


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Although the automotive industry in Canada has struggled lately due to production issues and rising costs, the blow to electric vehicle sales was less than to the industry as a whole.

New EVs from the likes of Volkswagen, Kia, BMW, and Hyundai are all selling well in Canada, but the top seller is Tesla’s Model 3, which sold 14,400 units in the country in 2022. The Tesla Model 3 has a sleek sedan design with impressive performance. It includes an advanced electric powertrain and an intuitive touchscreen control panel in the interior.


Electric vehicles are highly popular in France, with the EV market forecast to show a compound annual growth rate of 13.52% from 2023 to 2027, according to Statista.

The best-selling EV in France is the Dacia Spring, which has been on the market since 2021. 

The vehicle is based on a classic SUV design and was designed for simplicity, low running costs, and the ability to go for up to 140 miles between charges.

Choosing the right electric vehicle

If you are interested in buying an electric vehicle, there are a few factors to consider. These include your intended purpose for the vehicle, your budget, the distance you plan to drive, and the environment you plan to drive in. Like traditional combustion engine-based cars, electric vehicles can vary widely in their designs — some will suit urban environments more than off-road ones, and others vice versa. Some EVs are designed for the luxury market, others for sports and recreation, and others for practical, everyday use.

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