Hôtel Dame des Arts is Opening in Paris’ Rive Gauche
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Hôtel Dame des Arts is Opening in Paris’ Rive Gauche

October 31, 2022 Share

The Parisian Rive Gauche will soon welcome a newly renovated and luxuriously design-inspired Hôtel Dame des Arts.

Very few things in life scream chique as much as sipping on some wine in a Parisian balcony, overlooking its iconic zinc rooftops as the sun sets. Now picture doing so in a Raphael Navot designed room and you’ll have a decent enough image of the happenings within Hôtel Dame des Arts, opening its doors to the public this coming December, 2022.

Inspired by the coming together of culture that Paris is so famous for, the hotel aims to bring arts to the forefront of its guest experience. From a curated design, to meticulous attention to the detail, the Dame des Arts has thought about every element of its stay, making it the ideal place to experience the Parisian joie de vivre during your stay in the capital.

Skyline photograph of the city of Paris. Image courtesy of Dame des Arts

The Architecture

Photograph of bedroom balcony. Image courtesy of Dame des Arts

“The design emulates a Nouvelle Vague movie set, showcased in many of the hotel’s touchpoints and heavier typography on creative materials and art pieces”

Hôtel Dame des Arts

Taking cues from Parisian poetry, arts, culture and philosophy, internationally acclaimed architect Raphael Navot has designed a space that encapsulates the idea of an international artist in France – an image popularised in the 1920s Parisian liberal cutting-edge.

Everything in this hotel, with the exception of two chairs, has been crafted bespoke, and its dark oak floors have been charred with flame and then covered in a protective resin – evidence of a scrupulous attention to craftsmanship. Then there’s the art, which has been sourced by collectors and is comprised of 700 unique pieces with direct links to Saint Germain. This, alongside its constant design references to the area is a practice known in architectural theory as critical regionalism, which attempts to root modern design in its cultural and geographical context.

Room Types

Photograph of bespoke bedroom furniture. Image courtesy of Dame des Arts

With eight different room types, the Hôtel Dame des Arts has something suitable for all kinds of guests. From the Signature Terrace rooms which offer a bathtub and balcony, to the special suites which gloat of a direct Eiffel Tower view – ideal for evening sunsets or early-morning breakfasts – one can opt for all kinds of luxuries during the stay.

On the fancier side, the hotel offers a Penthouse Suite, also with views of the Eiffel Tower, and also includes views to the Sacre Coeur from its very bathroom.

Other Amenities

Equipped with some of fitness’ finest machinery, the hotel will of course have a gym, a sauna and a glorious spa. For those in need of a place to sign business deals, you’ll have a convertible meeting room, which can become a cinema space on command.

The Gastronomy

Photograph of the hotel’s restaurant. Image courtesy of Dame des Arts

Playful in nature and celebratory in intent, the menu and rooftop bar of Hôtel Dame des Arts is a curated collection of local flavours and intriguing wine classics. The chef, Othoniel Alvarez Castaneda, is known for his experimental global cuisine, which one can delight in at the al-fresco dining courtyard.

For those wanting only a drink, the rooftop bar (open to both guests and passersby alike) will offer privileged views of Paris. In a city which delights in its rooftops, this is bound to take over as Rive Gauche’s newest (and likely most exclusive) place to sip on a drink and watch the city light up as the sun sets behind its distinctive and world-famous skyline.


Everything has been considered at the Dame des Arts – even the music. With six different playlists curated by DJ Jez Pereira, every month guests will be able to download the hotel’s playlist from Spotify – a nice touch to bring the beauty of Hôtel Dame des Arts with you wherever you go.


Diagrammatic map of Paris showcasing its main attractions. Image courtesy of Dame des Arts

Nestled in the 6th arrondissement, Hôtel Dame des Arts is at the heart of several Parisian attractions. The Notre Dame is barely a 9min walk away, a tad further away is the Louvre and no other main attraction si more than 20minutes away by public transport. In order to make the most out of the French capital, the hotel will also offer curated neighbourhood guides, picnic hampers and bikes – all in favour of letting guests enjoy and explore the streets of Paris on their own terms.

Photograph of the hotel’s restaurant. Image courtesy of Dame des Arts


Dame des Arts wants to bring sustainable approaches to the way it runs its experience, which means limiting the use of single-use plastic, LED lighting, organic waste management, and local food sourcing for the restaurant.

Prices at the hotel will likely start from €330/£280/$337 per night.

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