World’s Most Exclusive (And Expensive) Nights Out
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World’s Most Exclusive (And Expensive) Nights Out

March 30, 2023 Share

Spending 45 pounds on a club entry ticket in London may feel like a stab to the heart, but these nights out make it seem dirt cheap in comparison.

How much are you willing to spend on nights out? 40, perhaps 50 pounds on entry plus however much they rip you off for drinks inside perhaps? You know the drill, an arduous queue in the cold only to get to the angry-looking bouncer and have a “that’ll be 35 pounds entry, thank you” thrown your way. Most likely, you’ll take it – you’ve dressed and hyped yourself up already, you might as well.

With nightlife becoming increasingly competitive, it’s no surprise that the world’s most exclusive nightclubs come with a hefty price tag. But for those who are willing to pay, these venues offer a level of luxury and exclusivity that few others can match. From the opulent decor to the high-end bottle service, these nightclubs spare no expense in creating an unforgettable experience for their patrons. Here’s a list of some of the most exclusive and expensive nightclubs in the world that are sure to make your next night out one to remember.

The Blonde – NYC

Image courtesy of The Blonde

You don’t need to be blonde to attend The Blonde, but perhaps it helps. As one of New York City’s most exclusive nightclubs around, this lower-manhattan nightclub welcomes high-profile celebrities, influencers and anyone with a heavy wallet and social presence.

Chez Raspoutine – Paris

Image courtesy of Raspoutine

If you’re in the city of love Raspoutine should be on your visiting list. Next to the Champs Elysées, it was conceptualised as a Russian cabaret in 1965 by the renowned artist Erté, and named after the famous mystic pilgrim Grigori Raspoutine. This magnificent establishment, adorned with opulent Baroque décor, has since become a mythical hotspot for Parisian nightlife. Today, it is recognized as a Historic Monument, a testament to its cultural significance and enduring allure.

Make Believe – NYC

Image courtesy of Make Believe

Make Believe is a rooftop in the city of lights – which should be enough of a description for you to know that it is in fact extremely exclusive. Hard to get in but worth the hype, Make Believe stands as New York’s tropical oasis rooftop.

Armani / Privé Nightclub – Dubai

Image courtesy of Armani / Privé

Everything in Dubai is exclusive and exciting, but especially nights out at Armani Privé. Hosting for thousands of exciting club-goers, this nightclub is known for its iconic patterned wall and hefty price tags.

Billionaire Mansion Nightclub – Dubai

Image courtesy of Billionaire Mansion Nightclub

Billionaire Mansion Nightclub is one for the regal party animals; that is, those of us who might prefer an elegant surrounding to the darker basement-like environments of most clubs. Part dining experience and part nightclub, this is Dubai’s place to be.

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