5 Reasons The Royal Ascot is a Cornerstone of The British Social Calendar
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5 Reasons The Royal Ascot is a Cornerstone of The British Social Calendar

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Dive into Royal Ascot’s allure: Royalty, racing, fashion & celebrity flair collide at this prestigious British summer event.

If you follow the British social calendar then your social media feed must be going crazy with hats, dresses and other remnants of the extravagance that is the Royal Ascot. Named as one of the most prestigious race meetings, Ascot is the event that commemorates the start of the British summer, and is an opportunity to see and be seen.

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But why, exactly, is Ascot such a big deal?

1. The Royal Input

Founded by Queen Anne in 1711, Ascot boasts a long and illustrious association with the British monarchy. And nothing gets crowds all over the world quite as excited as the British Monarchy can. The highlight of the week is the iconic royal procession, where members of the royal family arrive in horse-drawn carriages, adding a touch of glamour and exclusivity that sets the tone for the entire event.

2. The Champions on the Track

Royal Ascot isn’t just about pomp and circumstance – even if it sometimes may appear to be the case. But this is a world-class racecourse, and Ascot attracts the finest racehorses and jockeys from across the globe. The competition is fierce, with some of the richest purses in flat racing up for grabs. 

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3. An International Stage

During the Ascot races, all eyes are on Britain. Media coverage, from early newspapers to modern broadcasting, has played a crucial role in amplifying its fame. This widespread exposure has piqued international interest and solidified Ascot’s image as a symbol of British tradition, social status, and, of course, top-notch horse racing.

4. Famous Entourage

Royal Ascot isn’t just for the horsey set! The prestigious racecourse attracts a glamorous crowd of celebrities as well. Members of the British Royal Family are a constant presence, adding a touch of regal flair. Beyond royalty, actors, models, and reality TV stars have been spotted enjoying the races, and in recent years, names like Dame Prue Leith, David Harewood, Liz Hurley, and Bobby Brazier have graced the event. The specific list of celebrities varies year to year, but their presence adds another layer of excitement and intrigue to the now iconic British tradition.

5. The Fashion Component

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And of course, no mention of Ascot is complete without mentioning the fashion. From extravagant hats to elegant dresses, Ascot is a feast for the eyes. 

For the prestigious Royal Enclosure, ladies must adhere to specific guidelines – think elegant hemlines just above the knee, a minimum strap width on dresses, and a hat or fascinator that adds a touch of whimsy. This creates a sense of occasion and uniformity, while still allowing for personal expression through color, pattern, and silhouette. 

Beyond the Royal Enclosure, different enclosures offer a chance to experiment with a wider range of styles, ensuring there’s something for everyone at Ascot’s fashion parade. Whether it’s a daring avant-garde hat or a classic floral dress, Ascot is a platform for showcasing creativity and pushing the boundaries of fashion, all within a context steeped in British heritage.

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