5 Must Visit Destinations for Travelling Families with Teens 
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5 Must Visit Destinations for Travelling Families with Teens 

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Explore Disneyland Paris, Swiss summer camps, Galapagos cruises, and more destinations for families with teens.

As parents, planning a vacation with teens can be a daunting task. Gone are the days when a simple trip to the beach would suffice. Nowadays, teenagers have their own preferences and opinions, and finding a destination that caters to everyone’s needs can seem impossible. However, fear not, as there are plenty of destinations around the world that will keep even the most fickle teenagers entertained. From adrenaline-pumping adventures to Instagram-worthy backdrops, here are our top picks for families traveling with teens.

Disneyland, Paris

As the “Happiest Place on Earth,” kids of all ages will love Disneyland, including teens. Of course, visiting Disneyland Paris with teens is different from exploring it with younger kids. In fact, it’s a much better experience for the parents since you won’t have to deal with tantrums, and you can extend until late at night to enjoy nighttime entertainment.

For an enjoyable experience, proper planning is a must. Since adult kids tend to wake up late, plan a later start for your visit to Disneyland Paris. You can stay late and experience nighttime entertainment like the Disney Illumination fireworks display and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

When planning your trip to Disneyland Paris, get your teens involved. They are at an age where they have their own desires and preferences. So, let them decide what rides and attractions to visit. You can also suggest rides they will like, such as the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.

Make sure you book the accommodation with enough space to accommodate your family. If you’re used to having your little kids share a bed when you travel, things are different now that they are teens. So, consider booking a separate room or a suite with an adjoining room for your teens.

Universal Studios, Orlando

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The Universal Studios in Orlando is the perfect destination for travelling families with teens. Now that your kids are older, they are no longer scared to tackle thrilling rides, allowing for a more enjoyable experience. While teens are sometimes hard to please, they can certainly not resist the fun entertainment and thrill that Universal Studios can offer.

When planning your trip to Universal Studios, include thrilling rides because these are what your teenagers will most likely love. Take them to Universal’s Islands of Adventure and let them try the Incredible Hulk Coaster. You can also suggest the Jurassic World VelociCoaster, which offers a more thrilling experience, perfect for adventurous teenagers.

Teens often have a big appetite and even love to indulge when having fun. So, ensure you have enough budget to feed your teenagers at Universal Studios. To save money, you can avail of tickets that include meal vouchers. 

Give your kids the freedom to roam around the park. Thankfully, Universal Studios allow guests 14 years or older to explore unsupervised. Just ensure they have a phone, allowing them to contact you when necessary.

Cruising the Galapagos Islands

Image courtesy of Nathalie Marquis

Kids of all ages love seeing incredible animals up close, and teens are no exception. Therefore, a cruise to the Galapagos Islands, home to fascinating animals, is an excellent idea for families with teens. 

The Galapagos Islands are not like any place on Earth. When you cruise the archipelago, you’ll encounter a unique wilderness home to incredible animal species. The islands offer the perfect opportunity to connect with animals of all kinds, from giant tortoises to marine iguanas. They can even swim and snorkel with these amazing creatures during your cruise. A cruise to the Galapagos is also a way for your kids to learn about nature and wildlife while having fun at the same time.

If your teens are adventurous, they will surely enjoy a Galapagos cruise since they can enjoy many fun activities. You can hike with them through the jungles or go kayaking, allowing for an enjoyable bonding experience. 

While the Galapagos Islands have plenty to offer to entertain you and your teenagers, many cruises also come with onboard amenities to keep them from getting bored while the boat sails. The bigger boats have swimming pools and arcade games.

Summer Camp, Switzerland 

A summer camp offers a safe environment for teenagers to develop decision-making and social skills. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for them to explore the great outdoors and meet friends from other parts of the world. There are many amazing international summer camps to send your teens, such as in the picturesque country of Switzerland. 

A summer camp in Switzerland can benefit your teens in many ways. One of these is socialising with other teens. It’s one way for them to learn how to establish healthy relationships and interact with others as they grow older. A fun environment such as a summer camp in Switzerland offers a fantastic way to encourage your own kids to socialise with people from other backgrounds.

A summer camp is also a fantastic way to encourage teens to get active instead of spending most of their time playing on their computers and gadgets. As you know, a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. So, while they are still teenagers, teach your kids the value of staying active by sending them to a summer camp.

Safari at Pilanesberg National Park

Safaris offer an incredible and magical experience for teenagers. At this age, they have so much energy and absolutely love being around animals. Therefore, a safari at Pilanesberg National Park is perfect for families with teenagers.

Almost all lodges and resorts in Pilanesberg National Park are family-friendly and offer amenities suitable for kids of all ages, including teens. After a day at the park, your kids can enjoy a refreshing dip at the pool. 

Seeing the Big Five in Pilanesberg will surely make your teens feel excited. To help them spot animals, get them a pair of binoculars. Or better yet, hand them a camera. They will surely enjoy taking snaps of their favourite animals. The best thing about Pilanesberg is it’s near Johannesburg, so you won’t have to travel long hours, which most kids don’t love. 

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