4 Halal Restaurants in London
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4 Halal Restaurants in London

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In the spirit of Ramadan, here are some of the best places in London to eat Halal.

London’s vibrant food scene caters to every taste bud, and halal diners are no exception. From award-winning fine dining experiences to delicious casual eateries, the city offers a treasure trove of halal restaurants. Whether you’re craving succulent grilled meats, aromatic curries, or innovative takes on global cuisine, London’s halal food scene has something for you.


Gymkhana, nestled in the heart of London, is a Michelin-starred dining establishment that boasts a rich tapestry of Indian culinary heritage with its menu. It delivers an exceptional array of dishes that ignite the palate with robust flavors and spices, among which the Tandoori Masala Lamb Chops stand out as a testament to the kitchen’s prowess, commanding a price that echoes their acclaim.

This fine-dining haven not only delights with its cuisine but also captivates with its decor, inspired by the elite clubs of India, offering guests an immersive atmosphere that’s both elegant and inviting. The restaurant’s history is marked by resilience; after an unfortunate closure due to a fire, Gymkhana reopened its doors, further cementing its status as a culinary landmark. Gymkhana’s commitment to excellence is also reflected in its exclusive cocktail lounge, 42, which sits above the restaurant, serving a selection of house cocktails crafted with meticulously sourced Indian ingredients​.

Roti Chai

Roti Chai, located in a tranquil mews in Marylebone, London, offers a unique dining experience spread over two floors, blending modernity with the rich tapestry of Indian culinary traditions. The ground floor houses the Street Kitchen, inspired by the vibrant energy of street hawkers, roadside cafes, and railway stations, serving tapas-style small plates in a casual setting open all day from Monday to Sunday. The Dining Room, on the other hand, presents a more formal dining affair open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, focusing on Tandoor grills and regional specialties.

Each dining area at Roti Chai boasts a distinct menu that creatively employs traditional cooking techniques from across the Indian sub-continent, offering contemporary dishes that captivate both the eye and the palate. The drinks menu is thoughtfully curated, featuring a selection of wines, signature cocktails, and craft beers to complement the food​.


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Berenjak, nestled in the vibrant Soho area of London, is a Persian restaurant that brings a contemporary twist to traditional Iranian cuisine. Inspired by the hole-in-the-wall eateries of Tehran, the restaurant, named after the brightly coloured, toasted rice snacks enjoyed at funfairs in Iran, offers a unique dining experience​.

The establishment prides itself on authentic home-style Iranian fare, specializing in small mazeh-style sharing plates, charcoal-grilled kababs, khoresht, rice, and salads. It’s a place that encourages communal dining, reminiscent of founder and chef Kian Samyani’s childhood experiences of gathering around the table with his family.

Guanabana Restaurant

Guanabana Restaurant, a trailblazer since its opening in 2007, has carved a niche as one of London’s premier Latin-Caribbean eateries that prioritizes Halal cuisine. Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Camden, this restaurant delights with a rich array of dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico, and beyond, making it a beloved spot for those seeking to indulge in authentic South American and Caribbean flavours​.

Praised for its relaxed atmosphere, Guanabana doesn’t just serve food; it offers an immersive dining experience where comfort and casual dining are at the forefront. Whether you’re there for a laid-back weeknight dinner, a birthday celebration, or to enjoy their highly acclaimed Sunday Roast, Guanabana’s diverse menu ensures a memorable meal every time. Their jerk beef Sunday roast, in particular, is highlighted as a dish worth crossing London for, showcasing the perfect melding of rich jerk gravy with tender beef, alongside a host of other flavoursome sides​, all halal.

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