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Which Head Of State Has The Best Private Jet?

We look at the world's top 'presidential' planes in the wake of Boris Johnson's Voyager paint job announcement

Last week, UK PM Boris Johnson announced that he will be giving his ministerial plane a brand new - and controversial - red, white and blue makeover. Reportedly costing over £900K, the new livery on the RAF Voyager is due to remove the current coat of military grey paint and replace it with a ‘more appealing’ look that will “better represent the UK around the world” and be more “in line with many other leaders’ planes”. By all accounts, however, public opinion did not agree with his timing; his critics accusing him of being tone-deaf at a time when his government is navigating a post pandemic economic collapse. 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson disembarks the Voyager
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson disembarks the Voyager

Nevertheless, the PM's attempt to keep up with the Joneses is by no means rare in the world of private government aviation. Many of the world’s leaders have been known to indulge in extravagant planes with perks that exceed any possible private citizen’s aircraft. Shrouded by mystery, legend and intrigue these incredible (often secret) vessels have peaked the interest of aviation enthusiasts for generations…

DDW pulls back the curtain to reveal some of their secrets, perks and more importantly - discover which leader has the best plane:

USA 🇺🇸

President Donald J. Trump salutes the press from Air Force One
President Donald J. Trump salutes the press from Air Force One

‘Air Force One’ is, of course, the most famous plane in the skies. Belonging to the office of the United States’ President, this is a machine so impressive that it has spawned its own genre of classic cult films and fandom. Complete with 4000 square feet of interiors, 85 phones, a galley capable of making 2000 meals, conference rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, military capabilities (such as in-air refueling) and an Oval Office for the President - it is a true ‘fortress in the sky’. 

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