Your Hyper Car Shopping List
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Your Hyper Car Shopping List

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The holidays are around the corner and perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a special gift this year. And what better gift than a new hyper car to brighten up your collection?

After all – who knows, maybe 2021 is the year you finally go do that road trip  or compete in the Gumball… you might as well do it in style. DDW takes a look at the top automotive beautifies to add to your list:

McLaren Speedtail

Few things are as perfect as a McLaren, a marque built on performance excellence (that won the Le Mans on its first try) and innovation whilst preserving a keen understanding of the power of design. 

The Speedtail joins their Ultimate Series line of super cars alongside classics like the the Senna, the P1, and the F1. It is designed for the road as a ‘hyper GT’ and it’s fast, lean, mean and surprisingly comfortable with no compromises made between luxury and speed. 

Each car is individually customised by a McLaren interior designer on the requests of the customer meaning that no two cars are the same (and as a bonus, you can request for no one else to have the same spec as you). At £/$2.1 million base rate and with modifications adding hundreds of thousands to the bill, this is undoubtedly a jewel of a car, but we think its worth every penny. 

Aston Martin Valkyrie

As close to an F1 car as one could get without being restricted to the track, the Valkyrie is built in collaboration with Red Bull Racing Advanced Technologies, representing a new step for Aston as they look to reinvigorate the classic British racing marquee through its first ever hypercar. 

The resultant collaboration is nothing short of an engineering marvel, delivering bold outlines, striking aerodynamic exterior and an open underfloor that maximises downforce and harnesses the atmosphere around it. The all-carbon fibre bodywork keeps it light on the road and luxuriously technical interior ensures maximal comfort. 

There will only ever be 150 Valkyries ever made and they start at £/$3M, a modest amount for what will be a automotive icon. 

Naran Hyper Coupe

An ambitious newcomer in the hypercar space, the Naran is undoubtedly one of the most exciting releases of the year. Setting itself apart from its competitors by introducing the concept of the ‘hyper coupe’, the Naran blends unique characteristics that deliver the purest connection between car and driver, ensuring a luxurious experience whilst preserving a seriously fast drive. 

Only 49 of these beautifully hand-crafted ultra-high performance cars will ever be available, making the £/$1M price tag an investment in what will surely be one of the most important new hypercar marques of the new decade. 

Bugatti Bolide

Brute force contained within a drop-dead gorgeous outer casing. This new hypercar from Bugatti is takes no prisoners and does not compromise on anything, bringing high performance, low weight and a driving experience that takes anything you have experiences, to a new dimension. 

The design takes inspiration from the classic 1936 Bugatti Type 57 ‘Atlantic’ and its motor is powered by a quad-turbocharged W16 engine. Only 40 units of the £/$10M Bolide, will ever be produced so you will  have to fight through a crowd of collectors desperate to get their hands on this beauty. 

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