3 Yachts To Own For Summer 2020
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3 Yachts To Own For Summer 2020

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What better way to both enjoy the summer and keep away from the crowds?

If you summer in the Med you’ll know that the most difficult decision to make at the beginning of the season is where to go. Will it be Garda or Capri? Sardinia or St. Tropez? Ibiza or Mykonos? This decision can stunt even the most seasoned jetsetter and right fully so; it requires careful rumination. 

One must take into account the weather, social scene, accommodation, nearest air strips…and a plethora of other considerations that can make or break one’s long awaited period of relaxation after a long working winter. 

There is, of course, a work-around – one could presumably charter a yacht that can happily go from port to port to visit friends and enjoy a dash of frivolity along the way. 

However,  spending a few weeks at sea, even on the most plush of yachts, can make one long for the simple consistency of being on land. The mind-numbing affair of being confined to a boat with staff that are desperate to go back to their lads-on-tour friends on the shores of southern Spain tires quickly. 

So – what is one to do? Well, we suggest to pick a summer destination and stick to it. Do the research and ask around to see what the best place to hang your Panama hat will be this summer. 

Needless to say, we are not proposing that you stay confined to a single European fishing village for three months. In fact, we highly suggest elevating your overall  experience by getting a boat, one big enough that you can host – but not so big that you have to house unwelcome hangers on overnight after they’ve had one too many roses.  

Thankfully, the world’s boat builders have been busy working away at creating beautifully designed smaller yachts that one can buy for a more reasonable price tag than the 100+ foot behemoths preferred by the Eastern Block oligarchs.

To help facilitate your quest for a better summer, we have collated a list of 3 beautiful yachts that we are confident you will adore: 

Wally - yachts


The go-to boats for embodying James Bond. Wally was founded by Italian entrepreneur Luca Bassani in 1994 to satisfy his desire for a luxury high-design boat that stood out from the average white-hulled masses. Although Bassani began making sailboats, the brand became most well known for their stunning carbon fibre motorboats.

Riva yachts


Nothing screams ‘Dolce Vita’ on the Riviera more than a classic Riva Acquamare Speciale… the choice for the 1960s jet set remains the staple of waterborne luxury.

Lamborghini 63 -yachts

Lamborghini 63

Admittedly, with its 63ft of aggressive lines and bright colours, this boat is one for those of flashier tastes. This Lam-boat can hit speeds of 4,000bhp making it a serious contender on the water. 

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