Why Indy Lewis Is The Gen Z Star Worth Banking On 
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Why Indy Lewis Is The Gen Z Star Worth Banking On 

August 25, 2022 Share

This month the second season of HBO’s drama series – Industry has returned. With familiar faces filling the screen, fans are excited to see what’s next for the graduates going into investment banking.

A new Generation Z star, 21-year-old Indy Lewis, has landed a breakout role as Venetia Berens, a woman whose not cowed by the hierarchy and the mass of men in suits. Her resume may be sparse at the moment, but this star is on its gilded ascent, and fans cannot get her out of their minds.

This month it was recently announced that Lewis would be joining the cast of the TV series Industry. This show focuses on international finance from the view of ambitious young adults trying to make it in the world. 

The young graduates compete for a limited set of permanent positions at a top investment bank in London. But the boundaries soon blur as they immerse themselves in a company culture defined by sex, drugs, and ego. 

The buzzy HBO finance drama is packed full of swivelly chairs, wrap-around screens and glass meeting rooms – but boy is it captivating.

INDY LEWIS The Other Richard.

At first glance at the description, a drama-filled workplace in finance may be pretty off-putting for members of this generation, but with actors in the field using relatable lingo and casual conversations, who would have known how much there is to know? The workplace drama is as triggering for honest bankers as it is TV gold for everyone else. 

INDY LEWIS The Other Richard.

Lewis gained fame quickly thanks to social media. I guess being classed as a Generation Z does have its benefits. For the first time, people born between the years 1995 to 2010 can pursue their passions at any location, at any time – with any identity, but most importantly, to any uncapped level. 

Though Gen Z sits side by side with ‘Millenials’ on the generation ladder, the expansion of the internet and the leaps that have been made thanks to the digital revolution have exposed them to different experiences.

Being a Gen Z herself, Lewis, half-Sri Lankan, half-Welsh, was only 18 when she auditioned for Industry’s first season. And thanks to “the corporate jargon and the general mystique around the programme”, she fell in love, explains Tatler.

When Lewis decided to take a ‘crisis gap year’ by feverishly applying to every drama school, the rest was history. Indy Lewis made her TV debut in 2020 and has only made one other TV appearance since then. She was cast in La Fortuna (shot during the pandemic) and now: Industry.

Even though her resume doesn’t list any formal training in acting, the lowkey mysterious star is the centre of attention on the big screen. Inspiring a host of rising stars under 22, Lewis is making waves in the industry.

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