Why Gamers Are Going To Be The New Rich
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Why Gamers Are Going To Be The New Rich

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The world’s most unbelievably rich video gamers are showing us that the future is brighter in the next step towards the metaverse.

In the 60s, you had the engineers; in the 90s, you had the coders who leveraged new technology to build a new economy.

As new technology becomes mainstream, a different type of economy appears on the horizon. There is one particular group of people who already understand how this new economy works – the gamers.

The metaverse can be viewed as a type of internet that you are inside of rather than one that you are merely looking at.

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When something is fun to do, it doesn’t always particularly feel like work. This is why gamers can play for hours on end with no problem whatsoever.

Over the years, people have begun to notice just how engaging video gaming is. It was so popular that they started to implement gaming into their industries through a process called gamification. 

Gamification is transforming our world whether we realise it or not.

Have you ever noticed how banking apps are modifying their businesses lately? Making them more colourful, adding more rewards, points, and real-time tracking – this is what we call gamification. The process of applying game design elements into non-game environments. 

Here are some reasons why gamers are going to be the new rich:

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We can thank millennials for this. Even though the idea of gaming has always been around, the generation that grew up with modern technology, video games and social media are all that we know. They are used to fast access, instant gratification and massive engagement.

Interconnectivity And The Planet

There are seven billion people in the world, six billion of them have smartphones, and more people have access to technology than to banking. 

Gaming Is Blowing Up

New Zoo. Mobile Gaming to Be a 100-Billion-Dollar Market by 2021

The whole business model for video games is to be enjoyable and rewarding so that you keep playing. According to Statista, “today the gaming industry is more significant than the movie and music industry combined, raking in $86.86 billion since booming in 2011.” 

This is all simply because they offer challenging, rewarding and often a sense of progress.

Let’s not forget about how our world is moving towards the metaverse – a digital universe filled with Cryptocurrency, NFT and Bitcoin. 

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Even though we cannot officially know for sure which way we are going, one thing is obvious. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are the ones who can make us click on things, the ones who grab your attention and keep you engaged. 

Once the idea of gamification gets adopted into the mainstream metaverse, everything will change for gamers who have been playing non-stop or for years coming.

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