Who is The Wizard Liz and Why is Gen-Z Obsessed With Her?
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Who is The Wizard Liz and Why is Gen-Z Obsessed With Her?

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With more than one million YouTube subscribers, The Wizard Liz is the Gen-Z guru on confidence, self-love and empowerment.

Every now and again something, somebody or somewhere goes viral on TikTok, and it often lasts around about a month before something else, double as exciting, takes over. Thanks to short-attention spam socials, the idea of hype is ephemeral; it takes but a few days for people to forget what they preached the day before, but ever so often, certain people go viral and stick around for a little longer than others.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to The Wizard Liz.

Image courtesy of @thewizardliz
Image courtesy of @thewizardliz

Being what some consider the female version of what Andrew Tate stands for for men, The Wizard Liz is a YouTuber with more than one million subscribers on the platform. Her videos are extremely simple; she sits, put together in classy outfits and immaculate hair and spills her truth on confidence, men, love and girl-talk. It has that familiar big-sister energy of someone that has things to say and just props a camera in her living room and blurts it out. It’s all a facade, of course – her videos are probably meticulously curated and her speeches organised beforehand – but that does not make her familiarity any less appealing.

Albeit loved on TikTok and quite praised on Youtube, Reddit seems to think a whole lot differently about Liz. From describing her as a ” deluded narcissist” to exemplifying her “pretty privilege”, it seems Redditors are not buying it. On TikTok however it’s a different story. Hundreds of your girls rave about her content, revelling her in the self-care and spiritual spheres of the social media platform that also brought Andrew Tate into the mainstream a few month back.

What We Know About Her Personal Life

Image courtesy of @thewizardliz
Image courtesy of @thewizardliz

Despite her 226K followers on Instagram and more than a million on Youtube, Liz’s personal life is surprisingly well hidden from the public eye, which aligns with her preaching about keeping things to yourself in order to become more magnetic and appealing. Finding out her real name (because The Wizard Liz is shockingly not what her passport says) or even where she’s from originally, requires some deep diving into the secret corners of the internet.

What we do know is that she is 23, and she has a white cat named King Snowie. We know she’s from Antwerp, Belgium. We know she’s had an ED and now wants to help people feel empowered in their own body, much like she has learnt to do. But, surprisingly, that’s about it.

Knowing that viral trends and people don’t last, it’ll be interesting to keep in touch with The Wizard Liz. Having currently very few YouTube videos, Liz risks not boarding the hype train, a train which as we we all know too well, likes to travel and dizzying speeds.

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