Who is Lisa Alexandra, The Manifestation Coach Gen-z is Obsessing Over?
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Who is Lisa Alexandra, The Manifestation Coach Gen-z is Obsessing Over?

December 26, 2023 Share

Distilling what we know about Gen-Z’s latest obsession; Manifestation guru and coach Lisa Alexandra.

In an age where digital influence is a currency, Lisa Alexandra is rich. With an impressive 630K followers on YouTube, the 33-year-old is an influencer (to use the term loosely), a coach, and spiritual guide… and people can’t stop talking about her.

Image courtesy of Lisa Alexandra

Born in the quaint surroundings of Luxembourg and blossoming in the cultural richness of France, Lisa Alexandra has crafted a unique niche that blends spiritual wisdom with digital savvy. Lisa’s journey is interesting, albeit common in today’s public scene. Starting on YouTube in 2011, her early content focused on beauty and lifestyle, yet Lisa’s content evolved into something far more profound – a spiritually infused narrative that has her audience in a chokehold. This comes at a point where the youngest generations are all the more interested in non-traditional spiritual practices, with 62% of Gen-Z agreeing that there are certain parts of different religions they agree with.

Lisa may be good at many things, but she is particularly good at tapping into the Gen-Z spiritual essence. Her mantra, “make your delulu come trulu,” is a siren call to Gen-Z, a generation fluent in the language of memes and dreams. And she’s good at showing her followers how far she has come. Her Instagram is a kaleidoscope of elegance and extravagance – from vacations in exotic locales to life in luxurious villas, each post an example of the things her followers could achieve, if only they followed her footsteps.

Image courtesy of Lisa Alexandra

Think of her as a human Pinterest board of sorts, and one that abides to the latest obsession with the ‘old money aesthetic‘. Take her fashion choices, for instance. Outlandish yet always paired with elegance, these are not just style statements but a testament to her philosophy: dream big, live bigger.

As is often the case with modern creators, Lisa Alexandra cannot be confined to a single label. She’s an influencer, a coach, a spiritual guide – a polyhedric figure in the dynamic world of personal branding. Lisa offers a variety of programmes to her cult following, where she caters not just to advice and coaching, but to experiences. Coupled with a rich library of YouTube content, Lisa guides her followers through the intricacies of setting the right intentions and vibrating at frequencies that attract success and fulfilment.

Image courtesy of Lisa Alexandra

So, wrapping it all up, Lisa Alexandra is kind of like the cool, spiritual big sister we all wish we had. She’s the one showing us that it’s okay to be a little ‘out there’, to mix and match what we believe in, and to chase after those big, sometimes crazy dreams. Her life, splashed all over Instagram and YouTube, isn’t just for show. It’s her way of saying, “Hey, I did it, and so can you.”

She’s not just talking the talk, but walking it in 15cm red-bottoms.

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