Where to Go When Visiting Cyprus for the First Time 
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Where to Go When Visiting Cyprus for the First Time 

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Discover Cyprus: a perfect blend of stunning beaches, rich history, and diverse cultures, ideal for every traveler seeking adventure and relaxation.

Looking for an exciting holiday destination? Well, a getaway to Cyprus offers the perfect combination of rest and relaxation, sandy beaches and interesting history and culture. From romantic locations to retreat with your partner to family-friendly sun-soaked resorts, there is something for every type of traveller. 

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Not only does the island offer you endless shimmering beauty, but Cyprus is packed with political interest and myth. According to ancient mythology, this was the place where the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was named. 

In more recent history, Cyprus is home to Europe’s last divided capital and is occupied by both Turkish and Greek settlers. You get to experience a unique blend of cultures and cuisines for the price of one!

5 of the Best Areas to Explore 

There are so many gorgeous destinations for you to explore in Cyprus and, luckily, the island is easily traversed by car. If you don’t fancy a road trip, you could always pick the place that sounds the most appealing and look at renting a villa. This can be your base whilst you explore the surrounding area at your own pace. 


From beautiful Mediterranean scenes and delicious cuisine to UNESCO World Heritage sites and Roman ruins, there isn’t much that Paphos doesn’t have on offer for tourists. Not to mention, the sunny climate and glorious beaches that are the perfect combination for coastal relaxation. Be sure to visit the region’s main attractions, including Aphrodite’s Rock and Tomb of Kings. 

Ayia Napa 

Although it ranks amongst Europe’s favourite party holiday destinations, there is more to Ayia Napa than partying. While it is the best spot to frequent if you’re looking for clubs and bars, the area offers a wide selection of relaxing beaches and family-friendly hotels. Explore the Blue Lagoon, sunbathe at Nissi Beach or wander within the sea caves that are dotted along the coast. 


The island’s bustling capital, Nicosia is a must-visit on your trip. Packed full of centuries of history stemming from Venetian, Byzantine and Ottoman landmarks, there are plenty of things to explore and experience. Stroll along the streets of Old Town that are brimming with local shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, and be sure to visit the capital’s main attractions

The Ghost Town of Famagusta 

Once home to one of the biggest tourist spots in Cyprus, Famagusta is a relic of the island’s painful past and conflict. It used to be a derelict and abandoned ghost town but now the resort is rising from the ruins of war. The town reopened in 2020 and now anyone with a valid passport can visit to relax on the once-booming resort of Varosha. 

Lefkara Village 

The picturesque village of Lefkara is a great destination for walkers and anyone with a deep love of history. The community is renowned for its blooming almond trees and the cooler temperatures offered by the mountains make it ideal for holidaying with children. You’ll escape the crowds and enjoy a slower-paced, more authentic Cypriot holiday. 

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