Vladimir Putin Has A Superyacht With A GOLD Toilet Roll Holder – Minted
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Vladimir Putin Has A Superyacht With A GOLD Toilet Roll Holder – Minted

May 13, 2022 Share

The superyacht called The Scheherazade is estimated to be worth upwards of $700 million – who does it belong to? Well, apparently Vladimir Putin the current President of Russia.

This superyacht makes a Bond villain’s boat look like a canoe.

At first, authorities in Italy said the $700 million mega-yacht, called The Scheherazade (try saying that three times fast), which boasts spas, swimming pools and two helicopter pads, was connected to a ‘significant person but did not name them.

Since March, the yacht has been the subject of an investigation by the Italian financial police. It has been in the dock at Marina di Carrara near Pisa undergoing a refit.

Vladimir Putin
Photos reveal that the interior of the Scheherazade is flooded with gold and marble. The Sun
Vladimir Putin
Deck amenities on the Scheherazade. The Sun

But now, due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russian war, the giant superyacht is said to be owned by Vladimir Putin after it was set to be seized by Italian authorities as part of ongoing sanctions against Russia.

Remarkable photos showcase the obscene wealth of goods and furniture within the 450ft long stunner. The Scheherazade (I give up trying to say this) has been decked out for the Russian President’s enjoyment.

Vladimir Putin
The Scheherezade is named after a fairy tale princess who tells a story each night to a homicidal king, always with a cliffhanger so she can stay alive.
The Sun
Vladimir Putin
Putin’s vessel had been at the Blohm+Voss shipyard since 2021 to be cleaned and refurbished, with two new large balconies being fitted, reported German newspaper Kieler Nachrichten. H2 Yacht Design

There have been claims that the vessel may belong to Eduard Khudainatov, a Russian oil tycoon whose sanctions have not hit. They obtained information which suggested that “many of the yacht’s crew were members of the Federal Protection Service, the agency that provides security for him.”

Vladimir Putin
The Scheherazade superyacht is currently anchored at the Marina di Carrara port in Tuscany (Photo: CreativeCommons).

But let’s not get too deep into the logistics of it all – I mean, let’s be honest here, all we want to know is; what gems lay inside a superyacht of this elegant manner? And can I just say it appears that Putin put his money where his boat is:

Photos obtained by The Sun show the maritime mini-city and its six floors of swanky amenities gleaming under its star lighting. According to the New York Post, they include “a 16-foot aquarium, multiple televisions and a self-levelling pool table so that guests can play even when the sea turns turbulent.”

The Russian President’s yacht set sail from the Blohm+Voss shipyard in Hamburg on Monday and had arrived in the Russian enclave Kaliningrad by midday on Wednesday, according to the ship-tracking website Marine Traffic. Alamy
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin waits on the deck of a yacht to welcome Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on the Black Sea on May 29, 2021, in Sochi, Russia. Alamy

Can we highlight the fact that the yacht has a gold toilet paper holder in a marble bathroom? 

Putin’s Scheherazade is named after the character of a Persian queen in Middle Eastern folklore and weighs in at a whopping 9,000 tons,– I rate this could be due to his fish tank (shark not included) and possibly even his gold-plated bathrooms, and yes even the screws in his interior are all gold minted.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s yacht includes a solid gold toilet paper dispenser and brush. The Sun

Extreme measures are currently protecting The Scheherazade even by the ultra-private standards of the superyacht world. They are hiding its nameplate, and a metal barrier was erected to block the vessel from public view.  

Since its launch in 2020, its actual ownership has been cloaked in absolute secrecy – but all whispers are mouthing Vladimir Putin. The receipts are too many to hide.

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