UK Festivals To Check Out This Summer
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UK Festivals To Check Out This Summer

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Get ready for a wild ride through the UK and its most eclectic music festivals! From woodland raves to Caribbean carnivals, this lineup has something for every taste.

Each summer, the British festival scene transforms into a wild and colourful party where creativity, music, and art collide. Whether you’re into the hypnotic beats of techno deep in Welsh woodlands, headbanging to rock and metal legends at a former racetrack, or chilling to reggae in London, there’s something for everyone. These festivals range from intimate gatherings in picturesque forests to sprawling multi-day escapades at legendary venues, where the atmosphere is charged with boundless creativity and infectious energy.

Here are some of our favourites.

Gottwood Festival (Anglesey, Wales)

Image courtesy of Gottwood

This hidden gem nestled in a forest near the Carreglwyd estate is for electronic music aficionados. Attendees can expect genres like techno, house, and broken beats. What makes it special is its unique woodland setting with surprise stages popping up amidst the trees. Gottwood also emphasizes community and creativity, providing art installations and workshops to immerse festivalgoers fully. The average ticket price is around £200, offering four days of escape into an intimate and adventurous world​.

Green Man Festival (Brecon Beacons, Wales)

Image courtesy of BBC

Set against the stunning Welsh Black Mountains, Green Man is a perfect blend of indie, alternative, and folk music when it comes to festivals. Since its establishment in 2003, it has expanded to include science and literature talks, comedy shows, and well-being workshops. With various stages and a double-decker hot tub bus, it’s a holistic experience that costs about £250 for a full weekend pass.

Download Festival (Leicestershire)

Image courtesy of NME

The go-to event for rock and metal fans since 2003, Download Festival is based in Donington Park, a former racetrack. Expect a headbanging lineup of classic acts like Iron Maiden and Queens of the Stone Age alongside modern nu-metal and hardcore bands. Ticket prices range from £100 to £350, with options for camping over the long weekend​.

City Splash (London)

Image courtesy of City Splash

(London): Known for celebrating Caribbean and African culture, City Splash combines reggae, dancehall, and Afrobeats with workshops, street food, and good vibes. Taking over Brockwell Park for a day in May, this festival is unique for its focus on community and inclusivity. Tickets are around £40-£60, making it an affordable city festival with big beats and a joyous spirit​.

WOMAD Festival (Malmesbury)

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

The World of Music, Arts, and Dance, founded in 1980 by Peter Gabriel, is the ultimate global music festival of festivals. Its eclectic lineup features artists from Syria, Senegal, South Africa, and beyond, providing a diverse musical and cultural experience. Expect laughter yoga and acupuncture alongside the epic food market. Tickets cost around £200-£250 for a weekend pass​.

Mighty Hoopla (London)

Image courtesy of Mighty Hoopla

Pop lovers and the LGBTQ+ community gather at Brockwell Park for two days of glitter and fabulousness. Mighty Hoopla celebrates pop classics and emerging queer artists. Since its debut in 2016, it’s made a name for itself with high-energy performances and inclusivity. Expect to pay £50-£70 for a day pass, or £120-£130 for a two-day pass​.

Secret Garden Party (Cambridgeshire)

Image courtesy of Secret Garden Party

Often described as one of the most immersive and imaginative festivals in the UK, Secret Garden Party is an enchanting, anything-goes weekend in Cambridgeshire. With stages tucked away in the woods, whimsical décor, and extravagant costumes, it’s as if you’ve stumbled into an eccentric dream. Founded in 2004, it became a haven for creativity, encouraging attendees to embrace the annual theme with elaborate outfits and lively participation. From art installations to hidden stages and interactive performances, Secret Garden Party is more than just a music festival; it’s a wild, theatrical escape from reality. With a diverse music lineup ranging from indie to electronic, it continues to attract the most adventurous spirits seeking community, music, and creative freedom.

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