Top Famous Celebrities That Consume Cannabis
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Top Famous Celebrities That Consume Cannabis

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Do you know which celebrities smoke weed? Discover many famous faces, their toking habits, and the stars who had run-ins with the law.

Cannabis and Hollywood are well acquainted with Los Angeles, home of the stars and legal haven for weed-smokers. Being on the right side of the law, many celebrities who smoke weed have admitted to enjoying the plant’s benefits.

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Singers, actors, rappers, and entertainers alike have expressed their love for cannabis seeds and other marijuana variants from places such as this site.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and find out which famous faces are members of the cannabis club, which have had run-ins with the law, and those who smoke on the DL.

Cannabis Loving Celebrities

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Many celebrities are proud marijuana users, advocating for the benefits of the herb and openly discussing their usage, as we’re sure you know. 

Famous cannabis users such as Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, and Miley Cyrus proudly voice their love for weed when questioned in interviews, with Snoop and Rogen even lighting up during live shows.

Many herb-loving celebrities have turned their fondness for the herb into business ventures. Let’s take a look at a few famous names making bank off marijuana:

  • Snoop Dogg: The rapper released his range of electric weed vaporizers in 2013. The weedlebrity also has a company called Leafs by Snoop, selling edibles, oils, and buds.
  • Seth Rogen: A popular name in the cannabis community, Rogen developed a weed decor company called Houseplant. The brand designs marijuana-friendly home products such as ashtrays, display pots, and cannabis-themed art.
  • Jim Belushi: The actor grows and farms his own marijuana, and his signature strain, Blues Brothers, is fruity and THC loaded.
  • Martha Stewart: This legendary journalist became a female marijuana pioneer by releasing a CBD-based product line in 2020.
  • Bella Thorne: A well-known celebrity who smokes weed, Thorne’s company Forbidden Flowers sells cannabis and CBD consumer products.
  • Willie Nelson: The entertainer’s company Willie’s Reserve sells weed consumer products. 
  • Whoopi Goldberg: The Color Purple actress partnered with Maya Elisabeth in 2016 to create their CBD brand. The pair specialize in marijuana-infused oils that aid menstrual cramps.
  • Tommy Chong: A weed pioneer and legend in the cannabis realm, he founded Chong’s Choice in 2016. The company, based in California, sells a range of cannabis products.

Famous Tokers Under the Radar

Not all famous faces openly admit their toking habits. Several stars who smoke weed prefer to keep it on the down low.

  • Anne Hathaway: In 2017, on the talk show Watch What Happens Live, the actress was asked about her cannabis habits. Hathaway admitted to enjoying the herb but chose not to divulge too much information.
  • Jennifer Aniston: After rumors were circulating in 2001 regarding her and then-husband Brad Pitt’s drug habits, Aniston admitted to smoking pot. The actress talked about sometimes enjoying marijuana in moderation.
  • Natalie Portman: Of all the actors that smoke weed, Natalie Portman surprises people. Although the actress admits she hasn’t smoked the herb in years, she describes herself as a “pothead” during her college years.
  • Zayn Malik: The former One Direction singer claims weed inspired his career and helped with his crippling anxiety. 
  • Kirsten Dunst: In 2007, the actress revealed she believes cannabis made her a better actress and inspired her creativity. 
  • Lady Gaga: The singer started smoking the herb to deal with severe hip pain. In a recent interview, Gaga admitted to smoking almost twenty joints daily.

Famous Tokers and the Law

Many famous faces have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. In the 1970s and 1980s in Hollywood, smoking, growing, and possessing cannabis was strictly prohibited. 

Many actors who smoked weed had to face the music during this period. Take a look at the entertainers who police cuffed due to cannabis.

  • Bill Murray: In 1970, law enforcement arrested the actor for possessing almost nine pounds of marijuana. Murray, who was 20 years old, was later expelled from medical school.
  • Woody Harrelson: In 1996, police jailed Harrelson for planting four hemp seeds in an attempt to challenge the state laws against marijuana. Courts later dismissed all the charges.
  • Paul McCartney: The singer was detained at a Tokyo airport when customs found half a pound of weed in his luggage in 1980. McCartney spent ten nights in prison and was deported back to his hometown in Britain.
  • Eric Clapton: Police arrested the singer in 1968 under suspicion of cannabis use. When authorities could find no proof, they dropped all charges.

All Aboard the Pineapple Express

Entertainers, singers, and actors smoking weed have become common in today’s society. Not only is the herb legal in many states, but people are also more open to discovering its many benefits.

With a growing interest in the plant, marijuana is slowly becoming more accepted, particularly for its medicinal properties.

Celebrities have become advocates for marijuana, supporting cannabis champions and pushing for the legalization of the herb.

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