Tomorrowland | Mashups, Fire Blasters And Electronic Dance
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Tomorrowland | Mashups, Fire Blasters And Electronic Dance

July 22, 2022 Share

Jump into the future and experience the ultimate realm of strobe, sweaty rubbing and jumping DJs at Tomorrowland, a place where beautiful souls unite.

Right now in Belgium, an electronic dance festival is underway. With a capacity to fit 70 000 jumping, swaying and finger-pointing people in Boom, Flanders, the celebration of the year never ceases to amaze. Welcome to Tomorrowland.

This year the festival is running from July 15 – 31, 2022, with an expectance of 600,000 people. The multitude of events has been split up to cover three consecutive weekends, and the life-long list of DJs and musicians is no short of impressive. Naturally, the event organisers have managed to rake in top-notch dynasties from near and far to perform. 

With headline acts like Afrojack, Diplo, Tiesto, Daddy K and an entire alphabet more, party-goers can expect to see the classic, colourful strobes, fire-breathing blasters, dimming lights and confetti cannons popping the night away.

The atmosphere on Day 2 – Weekend 1 of Tomorrowland 2019. Julien Duval/Courtesy of Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland may be known for its rumoured steamy sex rooms, A-list artists and electric vibe, but all of its extraordinary amenities have made it worthwhile. Today Tomorrowland fits snuggly amongst the top five music festivals in the world – and at ten minutes to midnight, it’s American DJ Steve Aoki’s turn to hit the main stage.

Steve Aoki, the long-haired Japanese descent, is a world-renowned DJ whose career evolved from punk band promoter to record label owner and finally to famous disk jockey and producer. 

But if you think that’s impressive, the Grammy-nominated label-head is also a restaurant owner, headlining at fests like Tomorrowland, EDC, Coachella and becoming a resident in Las Vegas.

Courtesy of Insight TV.

His high-impact electro house, trap and experiential live performances are what make him one of the highest-grossing dance artists in North America.

With a net worth of $120 million, expect to see him rocking some colourful dungarees and stand-out T-shirts. But be warned, if you are near the front, Aoki is famous for throwing cake in people’s faces as his signature move. 

After releasing his song ‘Cake Face,’ he coined the term ‘caking’, which is now a stunt performed on anyone to provide his guests with a ‘unique takeaway’. The idea turned so viral that fans would hold up ‘cake me’ signs at his shows – a tasty trademark in the making. 

So before the clock strikes midnight, eat, sleep and rave at Tomorrowland, the EDM festival of dreams. 

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