Tips To Nail The American Workwear Aesthetic
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Tips To Nail The American Workwear Aesthetic

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Read on to find out how to nail the American workwear look.

The workwear trend has been around for a couple of years, but it has only recently made its way out of the United States. Not only is the workwear look very comfortable, but it is also very easy to pull off and incredibly versatile. 

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What is Workwear?

In simple terms, workwear is the combination of style and clothing items that serve a particular purpose within a job or are associated with a job. A flannel shirt, a fisherman’s beanie, and Blundstone boots are examples of workwear items. 

What to Remember 

When it comes to pulling off the workwear look, you should remember a few things to get the outfit right.

Don’t Worry About the Fit

One of the first things you need to remember about workwear is that how the clothing fits you isn’t as important as you think. While this doesn’t mean you have to wear something far too small or big, it does mean you have more options. 

You can buy shirts and jackets that are a size or two too big, as the oversized look is very much part of the workwear aesthetic.

Mix & Match

Many fashion experts will tell you that unless you really are a lumberjack or fisherman, there is no need to dress exactly like one. Instead, bring in elements of the workwear looks you like and match them with clothing you already own. 

This allows you to keep your own style, but you can still incorporate the workwear pieces you like. 

Be Careful with Colour

While there is a lot of versatility within the workwear aesthetic, the one area that isn’t very versatile is color. The workwear look is all about neutrals, with touches of greens, reds, blues, reds, and mustard. 

The color palette of the look is mainly browns and beiges; to get a clear picture, think about what someone would wear if they were living in a hand-built cabin in Alaska. 

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Another staple in the workwear trend is boots. Whether they are Dr. Martens, Red Wings, or Chelsea boots, the boot is the go-to shoe for anyone wanting to make their look more “workwear.”

While it is up to you which boots you choose, opting for something made of leather in a brown or beige tone is easily the best option. 

Key Workwear Pieces

Now that you know some of the best workwear tips, here are a few of the staples you need in your wardrobe to pull the look off. 


One of the most well-known pieces of workwear clothing around; if you are trying to get the look, you will need a flannel shirt. Not only are they incredibly versatile, but they come in a variety of colors too. 

Cargo Pants

Another workwear necessity is a pair of cargo pants. Considering the look is meant to reflect what is worn for physical labor, it is no surprise that cargo pants are part of it. Once Summer rolls around, a pair of fitted cargo shorts are great for keeping the look going during the warmer months.

Denim Shirt

A denim shirt or denim overshirt is another must-have. While flannel can be for those who want some color and a pattern or two in their look, a denim shirt is for those who want something more reserved. 

There is a lot of variety within denim shirts, too; you can get them in multiple shades of blue and black, as well as ones that are either weathered or acid washed. This means there is something for everyone. 

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Chore Jacket

A chore jacket is something you have probably seen before, but you didn’t know what it was. Simply put, it is thicker than an overshirt but not as thick or as big as a regular jacket. This makes it a great item for cool Summer days and warmer Winter days. 

They are often made of canvas or something similar, meaning they already have a rugged look and are perfect for doing chores and everyday work.


Another workwear staple that has gone in and out of fashion over the years is dungarees. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they are also far more versatile than you may think. 

Padded Gilet 

More popular in the Southern Hemisphere and amongst farmers, the padded gilet is a great piece of clothing to keep your core warm while leaving your arms free to do any work. They are also super comfortable and, once again, come in a variety of colors and styles. 


Finally, when it comes to accessories, the most important ones are a pair of boots, a beanie or two, and a thick leather belt. Workwear accessories are more functional, and therefore it is less about how they look. 

As you can see, the workwear look is very easy to pull off once you have a collection of some of the key items. The workwear look, and aesthetic is most definitely more about what you wear and not how you wear it. Don’t worry about the fit or sizing; the aim is to look like someone about to head out on the trail. 

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