Things That Are Trashy if You’re Poor, Yet Classy if You’re Rich
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Things That Are Trashy if You’re Poor, Yet Classy if You’re Rich

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Fur – classy if you’re rich, trashy if you’re poor. It’s a societal dichotomy.

Wealth can flip the script of societal norms. Certain things, attitudes, behaviours, or possessions, while elegant and classy if you’re of a certain economic background, can ultimately be trashy if you’re poor. Having a lot of pets, for instance? As a twitter user so eloquently put it: “The only difference between “cat hoarder” and “animal rescuer” is budget.”

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Delving into the depths of Twitter and Reddit, two goldmines when it comes to the topic, we have fetched out the most interesting. Let’s take a look at how the dichotomy plays out, and can drastically change, with so little as a glance of a hefty bank account.

Vintage Cars: A Class Divide on Wheels: Picture this: a rich individual cruising in a vintage Rolls-Royce, oozing old-world charm and elegance. Now, flip the script. A less wealthy person behind the wheel of a decades-old car, and suddenly it’s no longer vintage; it’s just old and out of touch.

Fundraising vs. Begging: When the wealthy ask for money, it’s a glamorous gala event. But let’s get real – when someone with less cash does the same, it’s seen as begging. The irony? Both are just different ways of saying, “Hey, could you spare some cash?”

Eccentricity: The Wealthy Quirk: A rich person talking to their plants? Eccentric and quirky! A poor person doing the same? Get them some help!

The line between eccentric and crazy seems to be drawn in dollar signs.

Outsourcing Childcare: Rich folks have a team of nannies and it’s all chic and modern. But if a less affluent family relies on grandma? Oh, the horror! “Can’t they take care of their own kids?” society whispers.

Police Escorts: From VIP to Suspect: A rich person with a police escort is a VIP on the move. A less affluent individual? Well, they must be in trouble.

Dental Work: The Smile Hierarchy: In the celebrity world, a mouth full of veneers is a dazzling status symbol. But let a person with less dough flash a fake tooth, and suddenly it’s a sad story about dental care access.

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Government Funds – The Rich Get Richer: Ah, the rich get subsidies and tax breaks, and everyone nods in approval. But let someone struggling financially get a bit of government assistance, and the tongues start wagging about dependency.

Fast Food Frenzy: A wealthy individual munching on a burger? “Look how down-to-earth they are!” But if someone less affluent does it? “Don’t they care about their health?”

Fashion Forward or Faux Pas?: High fashion often means pushing boundaries. The rich wear something outrageous, and it’s haute couture. Someone less affluent tries the same, and it’s considered trashy if you’re poor.

Legal Eagles: Being on a first-name basis with a judge is a sign of prestige for the affluent. But if a less wealthy person claims the same, eyebrows raise. “How often are they in court, anyway?”

Wearing Fur: In the world of the rich, donning fur is a statement of luxury and high fashion. But for those less affluent, wearing fur can be viewed as tasteless or even trying too hard to appear wealthy.

Tax Evasion: Wealthy individuals navigating tax loopholes are often seen as being financially astute. In contrast, similar actions by those less wealthy are perceived as dishonest or criminal.

Having a Personal Chef: For the affluent, employing a personal chef is a symbol of status and fine living. However, this is seen as an unnecessary luxury for those with lower incomes.

Owning Exotic Pets: Exotic pets are often viewed as quirky accessories for the wealthy, but for the less affluent, it’s seen as irresponsible or even a neglect of animal welfare.

Traveling by Private Jet: Private jets are the epitome of luxury travel for the rich, symbolizing both status and convenience. For others, this mode of travel can be seen as wasteful and environmentally harmful.

Owning Multiple Houses: The wealthy owning multiple properties is often seen as a smart investment strategy, but when less affluent individuals own more than one home, it can be perceived as excessive or imprudent.

Wearing Designer Clothes: Designer outfits on the wealthy are a symbol of fashion-forwardness, but on those less affluent, it can be seen as an attempt to punch above one’s financial weight.

Attending Elite Schools: For the wealthy, attending prestigious schools is a mark of tradition and high status. For others, it can be seen as elitist or overly ambitious.

Throwing Lavish Parties: Extravagant parties by the rich are seen as glamorous social events, but similar extravagance by others might be viewed as irresponsible or showing off.

Having a Large Wine Collection: A vast wine collection is a sign of refinement and good taste among the wealthy, but in other circles, it can be seen as pretentious or a misuse of resources – aka, trashy if you’re poor.

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