There Would be No Selling Sunset Without Christine Quinn and her Outfits
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There Would be No Selling Sunset Without Christine Quinn and her Outfits

August 21, 2022 Share

Selling Sunset superstar Christine Quinn knows, drama is best served in Balmain dresses and high heels.

Selling Sunset, the TV show that ruled every interior design, fashion obsessed, rich people voyeur, may have released their latest season in April, but it’s four months down the line and we’re still talking about it. We blame it on the drama, the houses, the clothes and, undeniably, Christine Quinn.

Love her or hate her, Christine is without a doubt one of the faces of the show, keeping it alive with boisterous drama served in overly high-heels and extravagant couture. For a moment, the internet speculated if she was gone forever, after she left the Oppenheim Group and season 5 proved to be a disastrous affair between her and her coworkers. It all went down during the Selling Sunset reunion, which Christine missed due to allegedly being Covid positive at the time. The last we heard were Jason Oppenheim’s words; “Right now, there’s not a place for her at the Oppenheim Group,”.

Be there an appearance of Christine Quinn or not at the next Selling Sunset seasons, Quinn has developed a reputation for fashion. Love it or hate it, here are some of Christine Quinn’s most notorious fits so far.

The Biker Look

Christine, which we so often saw in her girliest and delicate fits, has recently taken to instagram to show off one of her most bad-ass fashion choices.

Dressed in a Namilla leather fit, which she has done in the past, Christine is seen coming out of a matching colour car, hair sleek and black sunglasses to match.

Image courtesy of @thechristinequinn

The Black Wedding Dress

Is there anything more ground breaking than playing with traditional dressing standards? We think not, which is why Christine’s black wedding gown caused an uproar on socials. Composed of a mix of shimmery transparencies, the heart-shaped fit worked seamlessly with Quinn’s choice of bold red lip.

Christine Quinn
Image courtesy of @thechristinequinn

Christine’s Hamburger Purse

Christine Quinn
Christine Quinn Image courtesy of Black Grid

Quinn’s love for pink and colour blocking in her outfits is apparent, but little did we know she also had a thing for hamburgers. Priced at $1,785, the hamburger purse was Quinn’s highly spoken about accessory, which she wore for a Pretty Little Thing party in LA. Hair brushed with a flair and tight miniskirt matching her furry hot-pink coat make this one of Quinn’s most notorious Barbie moments.

Quinn in Green

If we can judge something about Christine from 5 seasons of jaw-dropping real estate, is that the woman likes to make people jealous. And green with envy did she leave everyone after stepping out if a full-body green body suit, accessorised with a transparent green bag and some beetle-like Balenciaga sunglasses.

Christine Quinn
Image courtesy of The Image Direct

The Lady in Red

Christine Quinn
Image courtesy of E-Online

There’s something quite cruella-de-ville-like in Christine’s red crop top, tube skirt, platform heels and furry overcoat. Perhaps it is also the hair and big, bold red lip, all of which contribute to a Christine that looks fit for old-school Hollywood glamour.

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