The YSL Afterparty: Love, Hugs and Acid Arab
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The YSL Afterparty: Love, Hugs and Acid Arab

July 27, 2022 Share

Now that the Moroccan YSL runway is over, it’s time to look at the guest-list afterparty fits.

As with any good fashion show, half of the outfits walk the runway and half of the outfits are worn by the audience and seen at the afterparty. It becomes a whole bubble of models, fashionistas, influencers and celebrities. With the YSL Morrocco show over, and all the famous people back from their trips, it’s time to revisit the outfits of all the guest-listed at what some would consider the fashion show of the year.

Here’s what we know about the afterparty. It took place in the Agafay desert to the beat of Acid Arab, an electronic ensemble that filled the desert with its beats as the night fell. It’s attendees constituted some of fashion’s greatest, in a mélange of selected people that contributed to a young, edgy and cool YSL image.

Del Water Gap. Image courtesy of @Delwatergap
Anwar Hadid. Image courtesy of @anwarhadid

We saw Anwar Hadid, accompanied by Luca Fersko, Del Water Gap or Gus Dapperton, all dressed in black and white. Hadid in particular looked refined in a lace-like black shirt, a thin chain around his neck and silk-looking trousers — almost as if he has sprung out of the YSL runway. Del Water Gap opted for a similar ensemble, but instead of a transparent top opting for one with a ruffled collar and pointed black shoes, all very mysterious in his dark black shades.

Laura Harrier. Photograph courtesy of @Lauraharrier
Margo Blanche. Image courtesy of @Margoblanche

Laura Harrier was photographed wearing a lengthy black dress, which she paired with chunky metal bangles and, again, the Matrix-like sunglasses. Margo Blanche went for a black blazer, light-wash jean shorts and a small shoulder bag. Her hair, much like Harrier’s was not overly styled, opting instead for something a lot more natural looking and free-flowing.

The true stars of the show, however, were Anja Rubik and Milena Smitm, who were re-posted in their glorious attires by Vaccarello himself. Rubik, dressed in a simple floor length off-white silk dress again accessorised by chunky bangle bracelets and a bold red lip. Milena wore a short see-through black romper with ruffles at the seams, and like Anja a pop of colour in her lipstick choice.

Milena. Image courtesy of @milenasmitm
Anja. Image courtesy of @anja_rubik
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