The World’s Most Extravagantly Priced Dishes
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The World’s Most Extravagantly Priced Dishes

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Have you ever wondered how much money you could spend on a single dinner? Certain dishes are only fit for people with ostentatious tastes and large budgets.

Every delicious meal begins with great ingredients, so it pays to know what’s available, even if they’re pricey. Some of the priciest dishes on the planet are on this list, however, keep in mind that costs can differ significantly between countries and seasons!

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Chocolate Pudding – $35,000

Luxurious and rustic at the same time, The Lindeth Howe Country House is tucked away in a picturesque English countryside. Here, pastry chef Marc Guilbert creates a dessert that is both a culinary delight and an artistic creation. This opulent chocolate pudding is fashioned like a Fabergé egg and contains four varieties of Belgian chocolate. It comes with caviar, champagne jelly, and a bottle of top-shelf champagne in addition to edible gold leaf embellishment. It is a genuinely sumptuous pleasure, topped off with a 2-carat diamond and 24-carat gold.

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Albino Beluga Sturgeon Caviar – $34,500

Almas caviar dishes are some of the most luxurious ones out there! Almas Caviar is collected from uncommon albino beluga sturgeons that are more than a century old, and it is produced in the crystal clear waters of the Caspian Sea. This opulent caviar has a creamy, nutty finish and tastes buttery and briny. It costs $34,500 per kilogram. This caviar represents the pinnacles of fine cuisine and is a treat for the most discriminating palates.

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The Golden Boy Burger – $5,532.79

The Golden Boy, created by Chef Robbert Jan de Veen, is the most expensive burger in the world and is served at De Daltons in the Netherlands. With A5 Wagyu beef, king crab, beluga caviar, Iberico Jamon, and a smoked duck egg mayo, this burger is an extravagant feast. The burger is served with gold-coated and Dom Perignon-infused buns atop a tray of smoke-infused whiskey. This opulent interpretation of a classic elevates a mundane lunch to a sumptuous occasion.

Image Courtesy of The Sun

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata – $2,000

The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata, a breakfast that redefines extravagance, is served at Norma’s in New York City. Ten ounces of Sevruga caviar, six eggs, cream, chives, and an entire lobster are all included in this $2,000 entrée. It’s the priciest omelet in the world, but it’s not really a million dollars, despite its moniker. This sumptuous frittata is evidence of the opulent food options in the never-sleeping metropolis.

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Crème de la Crème Pomme Frites

The Guinness World Records has officially acknowledged Serendipity3 in New York as the location of the most expensive French fries in the world. These fries, which cost $200, are produced from Upstate Chipperbeck potatoes and are cooked in pure Southwest French goose fat after being blanched in Dom Pérignon champagne and J. LeBlanc French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar. These fries are topped with shavings of black summer truffle from Italy and served with a Mornay sauce infused with truffle flavor. The dish’s lavish look is enhanced by Baccarat’s use of a crystal plate.

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