The Suite Life: Outrageous Requests from Luxury Hotel Guests
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The Suite Life: Outrageous Requests from Luxury Hotel Guests

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Ever wondered what are some of the most outrageous hotel requests? From Red-Free Rooms to Disco Suites, VIPs Get Spoiled!

For VIPs in the luxury travel world, a flawless five-star experience is just the starting point. Their requests can range from extravagant to downright bizarre, pushing the boundaries of hotel staff ingenuity and resourcefulness. 

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Sensory Excellence

Some guests have very specific sensory preferences. According to a concierge at COMO The Treasury in Perth, Australia, a guest once requested the removal of all red items from their room, including flowers and artwork, because of a personal aversion to the colour. Another story describes a guest who wanted the constant sound of ocean waves playing in their room, creating a calming ambiance throughout their stay.


Luxury extends far beyond the room itself, and discerning palates crave experiences that go beyond the typical hotel breakfast buffet. A story from The Beaumont Hotel in London details a couple who recreated the iconic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” scene, complete with a private breakfast spread on the famed jewellery store’s fifth-avenue floor. Another guest requested a daily delivery with a specific routine: a single croissant from a particular bakery in the morning, followed by a bagel from another bakery across town, all presented in a red bag.

Image courtesy of Sasha Kaunas

Pampered Pets

Luxury extends to pampering furry (and sometimes, feathery) friends as well. One tale involves a guest who requested their hotel staff to fill a bathtub daily with their pet fish. Another story details a guest’s demand for a professionally trained, camera-ready monkey for a commercial shoot in Miami. 

It seems even exotic animals can be part of the VIP entourage.

Themed Extravaganzas

For some, luxury isn’t just about relaxation; it’s about creating unforgettable memories. A family at the Pierre Hotel in New York transformed their presidential suite into a full-fledged 70s disco for their son’s birthday, complete with a dance floor and disco balls. Taking it a step further, another guest requested a replica of the Garden of Eden, complete with appropriate flora and fauna, for a truly unique stay.

The Client is King

Of course, fulfilling these requests comes at a premium. Hotels often charge significant fees for these extra services, and some requests might simply be impossible. The key for staff is to find a balance between fulfilling the guest’s desires while maintaining safety and logistical feasibility.

These outrageous requests highlight the lengths to which luxury hotels go to cater to their VIP clientele. It’s more than just providing a comfortable room; it’s about creating an experience tailored to the guest’s every whim. For these high-paying guests, discretion and a can-do attitude are paramount in the world of five-star service.

So, the next time you check into a luxury hotel, remember, there might be a hidden world of bizarre requests happening behind the scenes. And who knows, maybe your request, however unusual, can be met with a smile and a “Certainly,sir/madam.”

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