The Most Out-Of-The-Box Installations You May Not Know About
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The Most Out-Of-The-Box Installations You May Not Know About

byMichelle LaverDecember 26, 2021

These Are Five Incredible Sculptures And Installations You Won’t Believe Exist. Welcome to the immersive world of art.

Art has for thousands of years been a powerful way of conveying meaning, provoking thought and displaying aesthetically pleasing imagery. Many artists convey conventional styles but it’s the ones that develop new styles and techniques that are subjectively the most intriguing.

From fully immersive experiences to surprisingly simple, yet effective designs these public works reflect and confront the change and uncertainty of the world around us.

Alexander Calder – Primary Motions

Of course let us not forget about the master of installation and inventor, Alexander Calder. He was one of the greatest notable artists of the 20th century. 

The American born icon bridged the gap between artists and sculpture by occupying a variety of different rules in the creations of a sculpture in the period over several decades.

Heavily inspired by Piet Mondrian, the idea of early modernism inspired him to bring these block forms and compositions to life.

Now more than ever, artists all over the world are creating immersive and out-of-the-box art pieces that are interactive and often take the viewer to activate the pieces.

Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night

From Vincent Van Gogh’s immersive experience to Yayoi Kusama’s infinity rooms, the way we see and experience art is changing.

Now, more than ever, it is a space where the public can come and interact and share moments within a particular environment. Here are five of the most out-of-the-box art pieces:

The Face-time Sculpture


This is the image of a well known Romanian poet named Mihai Eminescu. There are several ways to make a sculpture, and that becomes very clear when we see what’s done in the Monument to the poet, in Onesti, Romania. 

This piece can only be seen from a certain angle, which is made up of the various parts spread through the branches of the trees. At certain times of the day, this statue looks like it has been painted up against the clouds.

The Medusa Installation

Design Week

Japanese Architect Sou Fujimoto created a new virtual installation for the 2021 London design festival. Visitors to the installation can put on a pair of mixed-reality sets of glasses and explore the experimental forms.

Once they do, the ceiling of the room becomes home to a striking suspended mixed reality structure.

The AR structure was built by the team at Fujimoto’s Japanese atelier, while the experience as a whole has been directed by Tin Drum’s Yoyo Munk. 

The main inspiration for the project was the interrelation between nature and art.

The Relaxing In The Tub (The Bather) Installation

Welcome to the biggest bath in the world. Artist, Oliver Foss created this sculpture using foam and steel. At 13 feet high and 99 feet long, this beautiful sculpture called The Bather is seen here in the Innen Alster, Hamburg. 

She was a major attraction for many people for 10 days straight.

Superblue Miami

Link Construction Group

This immersive art centre opened in May of 2021, in Miami Florida. This full-body – and mind – experience allows viewers to traverse through Es Devlin’s mirrored labyrinth and then lets themselves be devoured by a light-based work from James Turrell. 

Happy Go Lucky Installation


This New York installation piece located at 32 Mercer Street aims to spread happiness, confidence, and positivity to all its guests. 

Presented by Sunny hues Entertainment, the pop-up interactive exhibit returned to New York City and opened from June 23rd to August 18th, 2021.

It uses multimedia experiences to help you feel like the royalty that you are. You can expect a colourful kaleidoscope room, a palace made of diamonds, and a room that recreates your first encounter with the sea.

Even though the technology is helping bring art to life through a digital wonderland enabling immersive interactions to reform our human experiences, installations and sculptures will forever remain a form of expression.

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