The Making of Rodin
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The Making of Rodin

November 16, 2020 Share

And one’s own artistic awakening

As lockdown continues, a dash of cultural escapism may just be what the doctor ordered. This autumn one is invited to join complimentary classes, lectures and cultural insights courtesy of the Tate Museums.

Learn how to paint like Kandinski, craft a spinning work like Damien Hirst, bring the torrid expressiveness of Turner to the canvas or print like Warhol. With easy to follow online workshops and instructions, one can emerge out of confinement a fully fledged artist.

To accompany one’s new found abilities as a master-in-the-making, Tate extends an invitation to see how one of the greatest artists of all time also undertook the difficult process of creation. Opening in 2021, ‘The Making of Rodin’ shows how Auguste Rodin created sculptures with an expressiveness and emotion rarely seen before.

Plaster study for the famous 'Thinker' bronze
Plaster study for the famous ‘Thinker’ bronze

Focusing on his creative process, this major exhibition offers a unique insight into the crucial role of trial and error through plaster in his practice. Evoking the informal atmosphere of the studio, the viewer can discover lesser-known pieces and new aspects of his most iconic works.

Although Rodin is best known for his bronze and marble sculptures, his greatest skill was as a modeller, who captured movement, light and volume in pliable materials such as clay and plaster. A stockpile of plaster body parts allowed him to experiment with fragmentation, assemblage and repetition, exploring infinite groupings and poses. Seeing his work in plaster is the closest one can come to Rodin’s thinking and mark where his work breaks with tradition.

This landmark exhibition features over 200 works, many of which have not been seen outside of France before, and is in collaboration with the Musée Rodin in Paris. No doubt an unmissable cultural moment to lift one’s spirits in the new year, perhaps ‘The Making of Rodin’ will inspire one to put the hours in through the winter to refine one’s own artistic side. Who knows, one might end up with a major exhibition too.

Musée Rodin in Paris

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