The Luxurious $175,000,000 Mansion For Sale In The Summertime Playground Of New York’s Elite
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The Luxurious $175,000,000 Mansion For Sale In The Summertime Playground Of New York’s Elite

March 16, 2021 Share

After missing out on so much of our social lives over the last year, we’ll all want to make the absolute most of the upcoming summer season!

For many of us, that means spending as much time as possible getting together with friends and family, relaxing, partying and preferably doing it all in a beautiful location. If you happen to have a spare $175,000,000 to your name, we know just the place…

We’d like to introduce you to Mylestone, your new dream home. This incredible waterfront mansion is currently available through Bespoke Real Estate, an agency that specialises exclusively in the sale of homes costing over $10,000,000.

Given that Mylestone is on the market for over seventeen times that amount, you can imagine the kind of luxury on offer within this magnificent property. Encompassing 15,500 square feet and situated on eight acres of private land, Mylestone offers absolutely everything that you could possibly wish for in a summer getaway, including eleven bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a vast heated pool, a gym, a tennis court, several living areas, an all-inclusive kitchen and dining space, among plenty of other features – and that’s just what’s inside the house.

Mylestone’s new owner will be able to enjoy unrivalled, breathtaking views of the coastline, as well as a private boardwalk right out to the ocean. As far as front gardens go, we can’t imagine a better one than your own private stretch of golden beach.

Another huge selling point of the home, however, is its overall location. After all, Mylestone is situated in the heart of the much-loved summer getaway of New York’s movers and shakers – The Hamptons.

The Hamptons sit at the Eastern end of Long Island and are made up of a collection of mostly rural areas, a huge point of appeal for those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of nearby New York for the summer. The Hamptons have everything – fantastic nightspots, gourmet restaurants, plenty of opportunities to shop, incredible beaches, luscious forests and vast clearwater lakes. Whatever your interests and however you like to unwind, there’s something for all in The Hamptons.

Perhaps that’s why the area has so many fans among the rich and famous. Actors Robert Downey Jr., Neil Patrick Harris and Robert De Niro are all known to head out to The Hamptons in the summer months, along with Jimmy Fallon, Bethenny Frankel and – most excitingly of all – Beyonce and Jay-Z.

In fact, Mylestone itself has had its fair share of famous neighbours – the home closest to Mylestone was under the ownership of fashion legend Calvin Klein until 2020.

The area offers absolutely everything you might expect from the perfect summer getaway, with a pace of life that seems refreshingly laidback in comparison to life in the city that never sleeps. Despite being within driving distance of New York, it couldn’t feel further apart.

The Hamptons also boasts a vibrant art scene, having been home to plenty of celebrated painters and visionaries over the years, including pioneering artist Jackson Pollock. With so many creatives descending on the area, it makes sense that there are also plenty of galleries and museums where visitors can take in the awe and beauty of a range of incredible pieces.

It’s difficult to describe a typical day in The Hamptons – there’s such a wide array of activities, eateries, entertainment, retail, nightlife and rural charm available that no two days are ever the same. It’s no surprise that so many seasonal residents of the area spend multiple weeks in The Hamptons at a time, as you need plenty of time to enjoy all that they have to offer.

Given just how incredible The Hamptons are, it’s no surprise that houses in the area rarely cost less than a few million dollars. Mylestone, however, is the jewel in The Hamptons crown – it’s thought that the $175,000,000 price tag makes it one of the most expensive homes currently on offer in the whole of the United States.

While it may be just a little out of budget for the majority of visitors, that’s not to say that The Hamptons aren’t home to their fair share of short-term rental opportunities, too. If you’re dreaming of a long-awaited summer in The Hamptons, be sure to check out the homes and apartments available through sites such as Airbnb – exactly the taste of luxury you need after a difficult twelve months.

Suitcases packed? Hamptons, here we come!

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