The Bottle Club Helps You Set up Your Own Home Bar
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The Bottle Club Helps You Set up Your Own Home Bar

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Why go out to a bar when you can have your choice of alcohol from the very comforts of your own home? The Bottle Club is here to help you make the most of your booze cupboard.

Summer calls for long nights lounging in the garden and music playing until ridiculously late hours on a Friday night. Consequently, it also calls for cocktails, ice-cold beers, and champagne to commemorate yet another winter being over. In case it wasn’t clear, it’s certainly time to stock up on the booze, and it is in times like these that nifty online shops like The Bottle Club come in handy.

Let’s set something straight here. Having an alcohol cupboard is outdated. The pandemic influenced all true drink enthusiasts towards building their very own home bars; a simple way of ensuring one is always stocked up on one’s favourite beverage behind the counter.

Image courtesy of The Bottle Club
Image courtesy of The Bottle Club
Image courtesy of The Bottle Club

But what, if anything, makes up a good old home bar?

The Right Barware

There’s no true bar without a cocktail set, champagne sprayer gun, or an elegant steel ice bucket. Luckily enough, The Bottle Club stocks all sorts of barware accessories to keep yourself well stocked and prepared for all kinds of beverage prepping you might need to do.

Quality Wine

Wine is a safety net, but Spanish wine is an even safer bet for those who might not need, or want, to delve into the world of grapes and wine casts. Tempranillos tend to be an option hard to get wrong, as are a good Casillero del Diablo or Campo Viejo. If Spain is not your region of choice, a Napa glass of cabernet will sure have your guests leaving your home bar a good Tripadvisor review.

Image courtesy of The Bottle Club

If instead, you happen to be more of a white wine drinker, Albariños tend to do the job rather decently.

Good Champagne for Celebrations

There’s always a reason to celebrate something, but sometimes there’s even more of a reason to pop open a good bottle of Champagne. The Bottle Club has an exhausting list of good options to choose from, such as A Dom Perignon 2012 Vintage or a Moët and Chandon Grand Vintage. If the celebrations are happening outwith your bar, ensure you’re well stocked up on gifts too. DDW recommends Armand de Brignac’s Ace of Spades Gift pack for its pretty awesomely sustainable vineyard management.

Decent Snacks to Compliment the Drinks

As if a good home bar is made up of only good alcohol. Not having adequate snacks can truly throw off a potential customer (or your great aunt who gets peckish after a glass of wine or two). How about some crackers and some funky spreadable espresso martini? A selection of boozy chocolate truffles? Special chocolate for the vegans in the family?

Some Tequila or Mezcal

Image courtesy of The Bottle Club

We can guarantee that at least one person that visits your home bar will want to try Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila — and if they don’t then somebody will desperately ask for tequila shots if the night goes on for long. It’s just a given.

If tequila doesn’t quite work for you, Bozal makes some truly memorable Mezcal.

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