The Boeing Jet Max 8 Jumbo Is More Luxurious Than A 7-Star Spa
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The Boeing Jet Max 8 Jumbo Is More Luxurious Than A 7-Star Spa

July 9, 2022 Share

Greenpoint Technologies has designed a flying spa worth $100 million on a private jumbo jet called Boeing Jet Max 8.

Watching your private jet glide onto the tarmac for a luxury getaway is possibly one of the best feelings in the world. With endless elbow room and space to kick your feet up, what more could you ask for when hitting the air? But with 50 per cent filtered, recirculated air darting around, it’s no wonder large planes such as the Boeing Jet Max 8 private jumbo are shifting gears. 

Now they are turning a dehydrating flight into a well-deserved spa session.

When changing things up, Boeing aeroplanes transforming flying pods into personalised spa treatments aren’t new. Today they still use high-efficiency particulate air filters that remove more than “99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses” from the air before it is recirculated to the cabin. 

What’s exciting is that, like cruise ships, jumbo jets are fitted with luxurious zones for working and relaxing. Soon, there may be onboard gyms, spa zones, casinos, screening rooms and meeting spaces zooming over our heads like never before.

These are not just flights of fancy but assets that could turn into colossal investment potential one day. If you think owning a hotel in the sky isn’t luxurious enough, you must step inside some of these glamorous mile-high solaces. 

Courtesy Greenpoint Technologies.
Not the typical entry foyer to a business jet. The scalloped panelling repurposed white oak and see-through glass cabinets create a dramatic impact. Courtesy Greenpoint Technologies.

After all, what makes a private jet without its awe-inspiring comforts?

Recently Greenpoint Technologies, a company that utilises cutting-edge technology to deliver aircraft interior design solutions, has released innovative solutions to finding your Zen. Using the Boeing Jet Max 8 as a blank canvas, the ‘Retreat Interior’ recreated the experience of a luxury spa retreat. 

The Retreat interior combines organic forms, live greenery and progressive, intuitive technology. The atmosphere is serene and modern  – designed to encourage relaxation and self-care priorities. “The result is a well-being haven, wherever you are in the world!” explains Annika Svore Wicklund, Greenpoint Design Director. 

The BBJ Max 8 has more than 1,000 square feet of interior space, which gives designers many possible interior layouts. Courtesy Boeing.
Boeing Jet Max 8
Courtesy Greenpoint Technologies.

By producing a radical Mother Nature vibe to this jumbo jet, thanks to LED walls and a ceiling with a golden river running through it, the 1,025 square feet of interior space offers relief when travelling.

The BBJ has complex, shiny fixtures and surfaces with curving profiles and pod-like swivel chairs that add to a space-age feeling, but everything else about the space goes towards a sense of nature and relaxation.

It has a large stateroom, two baths and two large seating areas ranging from eight to 18. The price of an interior such as this surpasses a manageable $100 million.

The Boeing Jet Max 8 private jumbo is futuristically Zen, and I, for one, am up for trying some filtered air alongside the golden river.

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