The Anna Delvey Case Dives Into A New Subject On Netflix Inventing Anna
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The Anna Delvey Case Dives Into A New Subject On Netflix Inventing Anna

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Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, is using her earnings from Netflix to pay back the money she conned from multiple friends, businesses and banks.

According to Vanity Fair, “Anna Delvey and her circle of friends was fed numerous stories about accumulating her vast wealth.”

She was accused of scamming her so-called ‘friends’ and numerous businesses out of approximately $275 000.

Elle Dee (left) with Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin) in the picture used in the widely shared exposé. Photo by BFA.

The lies and deception, states Bustle, from “Anna Delvey, the “German heiress” who scammed New York’s elite, has been depicted in Netflix’s new series, Inventing Anna.” 

From scamming investors out of thousands of dollars, NYC’s most exclusive hotels, and members of the fashion elite to blowing off over $60,000 on a friend’s company credit card, enough was enough.

Who is Anna Delvey, the fake heiress who once conned New York’s elite and the subject of the new Netflix series Inventing Anna? Photo: @RandyMorehall/Twitter

A witness has also been questioned. Neffatari Davis was a concierge at 11 Howard’s luxury hotel in New York, where she met Sorokin for the first time in 2017. But they soon became BFFs and still are today.

In an interview with Bustle, she stated:

“I think I know her heart. I’ll never know her mind, but her tenderness and comedic ways are something the world may never see. Her vulnerable side and comedic side make her so much fun to be around because she has truly mastered sarcasm. The b*tch is hilarious.” – Neffatari Davis.

Neffatari Davis was Anna Sorokin’s friend and confidante. Credit: film colours/Instagram.

When Karma gets you, it gets you hard, as Sorokin was eventually caught out. Four months later, in February of 2021, Sorokin was released on parole after serving almost four years. Anna Delvey’s sentence had been shortened for good behaviour.

But her story still stuck with a multitude of producers, looking to show the world who she was. Enter Inventing Anna.

According to Elle, “Sorokin was a paid consultant on Inventing Anna. She met with Julia Garner, who plays her in the series, but it’s unclear what her role entailed.”

Anna Delvey
Anna Delvey (L) is played by Julia Garner (R). Courtesy of Netflix

In February of 2022, she wrote an essay for Insider detailing her feelings:

“While the world is pondering Julia Garner’s take on my accent in Inventing Anna, a Netflix show about me, the real me sits in a cell in Orange County’s jail in upstate New York, in quarantine isolation. My visa overstay was unintentional and largely out of my control. I served my prison sentence, but I’m appealing my criminal conviction to clear my name. I did not break a single one of New York state’s or ICE’s parole rules. Despite all that, I’ve yet to be given a clear and fair path to compliance.” – Anna Delvey.

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