Tantrum-Free Skies: Airline Launches Child-Free Area
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Tantrum-Free Skies: Airline Launches Child-Free Area

September 22, 2023 Share

Dutch airline is trying out “adults-only” section on flights to give child-free travellers a kid-kick-free experience in the sky.

Oh, the joys of flying the friendly skies with a kid kicking your seat! We’ve all been there – it’s like airplane torture, along with the rubbish food and that guy who just has to take his shoes off. But relief might be in sight as some airlines try out “child-free zones.” Hallelujah!

Dutch airline Corendon is blazing the trail with the first kid-free section on European flights starting this November. On routes between Amsterdam and the island paradise of Curaçao, passengers ages 16+ can book seats in the special adult-only area, blocked off by walls and curtains. Genius idea or what?

Corendon is billing it as a chill zone where business travelers can work sans screaming kids. Parents can apparently relax too, not having to worry about their little angels disturbing childless flyers. It’s being spun as a tension reducer to make everyone happy.

But there’s a catch – you gotta pay extra for the privilege. We’re talking an extra 100 euros for 9 posh XL seats with extra legroom, or 45 euros for 93 standard seats. Even so, it seems cheaper than flying nonstop to Curaçao with KLM.

Of course Corendon isn’t the first to give this a whirl. Singapore Airlines’ budget offshoot Scoot has offered an over-12s silent zone since 2018. But Corendon’s adult playpen is definitely a first for Europe.

Not everyone’s down with the idea though. Some folks argue it’s public transportation, so kids should be allowed. Others say airlines should aim for family-friendly tolerance, not segregation.

The jury’s still out on whether we’ll see more child-free zones adopted. But you’ve gotta admit, it could make flights more bearable for all. Parents can contain the tantrums while the childless can fly in peace. Here’s hoping the experiment takes off!

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