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Spencer — Kristen Stewart Makes Headlines With New Film About Princess Diana

The People’s Princess Is Once Again The Hot New Ticket In Town

Diana, Princess of Wales; one of the most recognisable faces in modern history is to be reportedly reincarnated on the silver screen by Twilight star Kristen Stewart. The announcement comes as an influx of references to the Princess appear across television and film – perhaps propelled by the global interest in her sons; Princes William and Harry, and the later’s controversial relationship with his American actor wife, Meghan Markle. 

Kristen Stewart to play Princess Diana
Kristen Stewart to play Princess Diana

Despite the reasons for this upsurge in interest in her life story, she has never truly been out of the limelight. So much so that the world continues to mourn the tragic loss of their “People’s Princess”. In life, as in death, she still intrigues, delightes and attracts millions of fans; her aura enduring the ages. In fact, she has permeated popular culture for generations to such an extent that even the recent closure of her favourite restaurant in London made headlines

The Princess remains a beloved international personality
The Princess remains a beloved international personality

The new film entitled, Spencer, is set to portray the Princess over a three-day weekend in the 90’s when her relationship to heir-apparent to the throne Prince Charles comes to a head and begins its famous decline. Stewart plays the lead written by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight and is directed by Chilean director Pablo Larraín, known for his work on popular biopics Jackie and Neruda. The story takes place before her tragic death in 1997 shocked the globe and promises to provide an intimate and human portrayal of a young woman at a crossroads in life. 

Emma Corrin's uncanny resemblance as Princess Diana in The Crown
Emma Corrin’s uncanny resemblance as Princess Diana in The Crown

Selecting Kristen Stewart for the role has reportedly been met with mixed reactions by fans of the Princess, with many criticising the fact that the actor is American and will potentially lack the British finesse Diana was so famous for. By contrast, casting of British actors Emma Corrin in the role of Diana in Netflix’s The Crown and Naomi Watts’ casting in the Diana biopic were met with universal praise. This public reaction seems to beg the question if indeed the British people can entrust the almost-sanctified image of their Princess to a foreigner.

Naomi Watts in the Diana biopic
Naomi Watts in the Diana biopic

Nevertheless, regardless of initial public opinion – the film world buzz around this project is palpable and it promises to be one of the most sought after films of the virtual Cannes Film Festival Market. Certainly, with so many talented names attached to the film, it’s hard to imagine the film not succeeding, however we may have to be patient as production starts in 2021 and won’t be released until at least late 2022. In the meantime – we have season 5 of The Crown to look forward to later this year. Here here!

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