Space Goods: Because Coffee is “Sooo 15th Century”
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Space Goods: Because Coffee is “Sooo 15th Century”

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Space Goods is the latest powerful mushroom blend taking over the market and (possibly) replacing your daily cup of jet-black coffee in the morning.

Space Goods is here because, in their own words, “coffee is soooo 15th century”. Quite the marketing appeal for a generation eager to constantly stay on-trend, and who also happens to have never-ending coffee flowing through their veins as some form of survival mechanism. With a product named Rainbow Dust and a packaging which has been designed accordingly, Space Goods offers “powerful, potent mushroom & adaptogenic blends” aimed at completely changing how we gain our energy, focus and calm.

Image courtesy of Space Goods

There’s a list of funky looking ingredients that make this whole thing possible. They include strange named Lion Mane mushroom (good for memory, focus and clarity), Ashwagandha (reduces stress and anxiety), Cordyceps mushroom (good for energy), and a bunch of other vegan ingredients, present in big dosages for maximum effect.

So surely these strange-named mushrooms are some form of magic mushrooms, right? Wrong. Every Space Good product is within national and international law, with ingredients being developed alongside nutricional experts, all based in London. As Space Goods themselves put it: “mushrooms are nature’s ancient superpower, there is no doubt about it! our potent blend of 3 primary mushroom extracts, combined with our other highly effective natural plant ingredients has a strong adaptogenic effect on the body and mind. These ingredients have been used for thousands of years all around the world, and their impact has been scientifically proven on countless occasions. Combining the ingredients we do in ‘Rainbow Dust’ at the dosages we do, has a powerful natural impact!”

Image courtesy of Space Goods

Then, of course, there’s the very well curated brand strategy behind the super powder. We hear it from Matt, the company’s founder, who in his own word has “been obsessed with the aesthetic of the 80s since I was a teenager”, and who has translated it into the brand in its colours, graphics and nostalgic relevance. The result is a colourful pouch, priced at around 57 EUR for a single package and becoming increasingly cheaper if bought as part of their subscription bundles.

In case the powder was not enough, they also offer some cool insulated mugs, with quotes such as “the creative pursuit of a greater self”, plastered in chunky bold writing. Available in pink and jet-black, these mugs make taking your Space Goods drink to the office even easier than before.

In their own words: “it’s hot, cold and sexy”.

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