Sexual Wellness Retreats: The Travel Trend on The Rise
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Sexual Wellness Retreats: The Travel Trend on The Rise

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You’ve heard about dark tourism and culinary travel… Brace yourself for the latest globetrotting trend; sexual wellness retreats.

People are having sex on holiday but what if we told you that perhaps you should be going on holiday to have sex? And no, this is not (just) some unconventional erotic rendezvous, but a much more indulgent and holistic affair, often focused on sexual literacy, intimacy, and exploration: sexual wellness retreats.

Because sex sells, it should come as no surprise that the rising travel trend of wellness retreats is expected to hit the $1.3 trillion mark in 2025. It is an industry that is expanding from its more kink-based origins into an arguably more tame realm, where even those self-describing as “vanilla” in the spectrum of sexual exploration can find a place to fit in through sexual therapy, coaching or erotic massages.

Six Senses – Ibiza

Image courtesy of Six Senses Ibiza

Whisk yourself away to Ibiza’s northern nirvana at Six Senses. Far more than just a swanky stopover, this place is a teleport to a whole new vibe frequency. Think 137 havens – from ritzy residences to beachfront batcaves – each pulsating with the island’s soulful symphony of music, art, and wellness.

Spring in Ibiza isn’t just a season; it’s a revival. Customize your rejuvenation with a smorgasbord of wellness wonders or dive into transformative retreats steered by global gurus. Drenched in a history of bohemian bliss since the ’50s, this spot’s got more stories than your favorite podcast.

Luxury? Check. Private pools and chill-out terraces? Double-check. Personal chefs and spa therapies right in your villa? Oh, you bet. Perfect for the fam or your squad, these digs promise an escape that’s not just lavish, but legendary.

Back To The Body Retreats – Various Locations

Image courtesy of Back To The Body

Back To The Body retreats, located in Italy, France, New York, and Mexico, offer a transformative space for women. Under the mantra “It’s not sex school – it’s self school,” these retreats, led by sexual wellness pioneer Pamela Madsen, blend bodywork and intimacy coaching. This approach has proven effective, with a significant majority of participants reporting enhanced body image, arousal, and a strong sense of sisterhood, leading to a 95% return rate.

These week-long, immersive wellness retreats provide a safe, nurturing environment for self-exploration and growth. Tailored to each individual, the Back to the Body Method™, guided by certified practitioners, focuses on holistic, whole-body healing. Women are invited to embark on this journey by simply bringing their authentic selves.

Intimacy Moons – Barbados

IntimacyMoons offers a premier couples experience, ideal for those looking to escape daily pressures and deepen their emotional and sexual intimacy. This retreat provides a unique opportunity for couples to address relationship challenges with expert guidance, helping them rebuild, reconnect, and rejuvenate their connection.

Promising more than just a getaway, IntimacyMoons offers transformative healing, clarity, and life-changing experiences. Recognized globally as one of the best couples retreats, it equips couples with essential tools and insights for enhancing intimacy on all levels. The retreat helps couples break free from old patterns and co-create new ways of sharing love, desire, and closeness.

No matter where you are in your relationship journey, IntimacyMoons is ready to support you. The retreat offers a range of services, including pre-marital counseling, assistance with trust and communication issues, and guidance on embracing sexuality at any age. IntimacyMoons is dedicated to guiding couples on a path of healing, growth, and profound connection.

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