Sail The World in the Most Extravagant Superyachts
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Sail The World in the Most Extravagant Superyachts

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail oceans and seas in the lap of luxury superyachts?

Sculptures made of dinosaur bones, gold-plated walls, and deck-mounted helipads are just the beginning of this realm. Here, in the world of superyachts, the luxury of floating palaces is unrestricted. Explore the opulent world of the most lavish boats on the sea and learn how the super-wealthy enjoy cruising in grandeur. Get comfortable as we take you on a tour of the most expensive and well-known boats, which are redefining the definition of extravagant travel.

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History Supreme – $4.8 Billion

The History Supreme, which is said to be the most costly yacht in the world, is at the top of the list. The significant use of gold and other precious metals in its creation is the reason for its high price. One wall in the master bathroom has an actual meteorite embedded in it. This opulent, Stuart Hughes-designed vessel is only thirty meters long and is purportedly owned by Robert Kuok, the wealthiest man in Malaysia. A Tyrannosaurus Rex bone sculpture, an 18.5-carat diamond-encrusted whiskey bottle, and a bedroom featuring walls composed of meteorite and 24-carat gold are just a few of its many extravagant features. The yacht also features an iPhone that has 500 diamonds on it, including two 7.4- and 8-carat diamond interchangeable buttons.

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Streets of Monaco – $1.1 Billion

The Streets of Monaco, a 500-foot boat modeled after Monaco’s layout, comes next. This floating metropolis has a tiny waterfall, a swimming pool, a helipad, and replicas of the Hotel de Paris and the Monte Carlo Casino. With its distinctive design, the yacht seeks to capture the spirit of Monaco on the seas, providing its guests with an unparalleled experience that makes it different than many other superyachts.

Image Courtesy of New Atlas

Azzam – $600 Million

At a whopping 590 feet, the Azzam is not like other superyachts, it is the biggest private yacht in the entire world. Because of its two gas turbines and two strong diesel engines, it is also among the fastest, with top speeds of 35 mph. Azzam, owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, has an interior design by French decorator Christophe Leoni and an exterior created by Nauta Yacht. The boat was constructed by Lürssen in Germany and has sophisticated security elements, such as a primary suite that is bulletproof and missile deterrent capabilities, along with furniture that is veneered in the early 19th-century empire style.

Image Courtesy of CNN

Luxury Sailing Yacht A – $400 Million

The largest sailing yacht in the world is regarded as Luxury Sailing Yacht A, which is owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Its masts are around 300 feet high, and its length is 468 feet. Only 20 guests may be accommodated by the 54-person crew on this eight-story yacht, which also features an underwater observation area. It is a menacing sight on the water, reaching speeds of up to 24 mph despite having a teak-finished deck and steel hull.

Image Courtesy of CNN

Lady Lara – €230,000,000

Lady Lara, a superyacht designed by Reymond Langton Design and built by Lürssen, is among the priciest models available. It is 91 meters long and provides a variety of entertainment alternatives, including two swimming pools with a dance floor that can be turned into one of them. There’s a swim-up bar and a sizable daybed at the sundeck pool. With eight cabins, including a master suite on a separate owner’s deck, Lady Lara can sleep sixteen people. There is a library, a private patio, and separate dressing rooms and baths for each person in the master suite.

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