Rich Etiquette: Mastering the Subtle Nuances of High Society
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Rich Etiquette: Mastering the Subtle Nuances of High Society

September 26, 2023 Share

Demystifying the behaviours, etiquette rules and mannerisms of the rich. The devil’s in the details.

There are certain mannerisms that scream rich. Perhaps its in the walk, the poise or simply the articulation of words (by now we can all distinguish a so-called posh accent, right?). But perhaps it’s actually in the gestures, ways of navigating interactions and, in a general sense, rich etiquette.

Always striving to bring you the best insider knowledge on how to act rich, even if you aren’t, read along to find out what mannerisms you should be picking up to mimic and comply with the unspoken richetiquette.

The devil’s in the detail, or so they say.

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Send thank you letters, instead of texts

Break out some nice stationery and take a few minutes to send a thoughtful, handwritten note when someone helps you out or gives you a gift. It’s so much classier than firing off a quick text or email. Shows you really appreciate their time and effort.

Black shoes are business shoes. Brown shoes are weekend shoes.

Stick with sharp black leather shoes for the workweek and business stuff. Save those brown leather kicks for casual Fridays and the weekend. The rich see brown as too laidback for serious matters. Keeping this shoe code in mind signals you know the dress code.

It’s not “what do you do?” but “what industry are you in?”

Skip “what do you do?” and ask what industry someone’s in instead, as it gives them the option to share as much as they want. Comes across more polished. For the upper crust, connections matter more than job titles anyway.

Don’t drip in branded clothing

Avoid dripping in designer labels from head to toe, even if they’re pricey. The truly wealthy go for quality construction and materials over splashing big fancy logos. Think classic pieces in luxe fabrics. Custom-made over ready-to-wear. Logo overload looks nouveau riche.

Brush up on the dining skills

Learn how to properly hold utensils, have polite dinner conversation, basic wine pairings, all those dining rules. It’s an important skill for the upper class. Knowing which fork to use and conducting yourself appropriately at the table shows refinement.

Don’t be overly loud, or exaggerate your emotions

Skip the loud voices, swearing, public scenes, impulsiveness. The rich pride themselves on self-control and decorum at all times. Keep your tone even, pay attention to manners and pauses, remain poised. Big reactions come off unpolished.

No matter where you are, act like you belong.

Walk into any room like you have every right to be there. Move with confidence, keep your chin up, make eye contact, be politely friendly. Your comfort and ease will have others assuming you’re meant to be there.

Don’t “suck up” to others

Politeness is great, but don’t fawn all over people with money, power, fame. When it comes to rich etiquette, the upper crust wants genuine connections and conversation. Ask thoughtful questions, listen closely, offer measured observations. Save the gushing compliments. Sincerity and discretion impress more than being a suck up.

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