Paris Hilton Wedding | Featuring Dogs in Suits, Four Dresses & A Carnival
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Paris Hilton Wedding | Featuring Dogs in Suits, Four Dresses & A Carnival

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250 wedding guests arrived to discover. Paris Hilton, wedding has been one of the most anticipated celebrations on record. In a star-studded extravaganza.

Hilton shows all her devoted friends, fans and family alike, what a luxurious lavish event really looks like. On 12 November 2021, 250 wedding guests arrived to discover “a huge marquee and extravagant pink floral displays at the £45million estate, some of which spelt out the bride and groom’s initials,” says Elle. 

Best friends Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian were spotted alongside numerous other A-list celebrities like Emma Roberts, Kyle Richards, Ashley Benson, Paula Abdul and Bebe Rexha.


The high-glam luxury and traditional themed wedding reception took place at her late grandfather’s Barron’s Bel-Air Estate in Beverly Hills. However, this was just the beginning. During the reception, a huge section of the mansion was dressed in white and sprinkled with the golden Hilton family logo.

In general, the ceremony was kept lavishly simple and elegant with ivory features and even included custom-made mirrors along the way. Everything about the wedding weekend was displayed to the public loud and proud. Paris Hilton and her guests took to social media sharing numerous photographs and videos throughout the event. So, if you missed the multiple posts on Paris Hilton’s social media, fear not.

Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton, Rick Hilton, Nicky Hilton Rothschild and Barron Hilton II – Tatler

But, for now, everyone cannot stop talking about the four dresses Paris Hilton choose to wear throughout the night. “For the evening ceremony, the star wore a stunning custom-made Oscar De La Renta gown with a matching veil as she walked down the aisle,” says Elle.

The billowing bridal gown was a custom piece designed by Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim. This custom design included a high neck, long-sleeved fitted top, a voluptuous princess skirt and floral lace masterpieces. 


“The heiress paired this with a simple tulle veil and diamond earrings. She wore her hair up, save for one giant tendril sweeping down the side of her face,” says Elle “her groom, on the other hand, Carter, wore a Zegna navy silk Setadoppione single-breasted shawl lapel tuxedo.”

Paris chose to walk down a custom-made mirrored walkway adorned with even more ivory roses and candles aligning the aisle.  She met her husband between an ivory floral arch with giant avalanche roses that surrounded the couple in a romantic setting adorned with amber lighting.


At the after-party, Paris Hilton changed into a beaded dress completed with a matching cape and then later into a sparkly off-the-shoulder princess gown for her first dance. 

The grand mirrored dance floor invited all her guests to party along with singer Demi Lavato, who stole the show with a rendition of the classic love song I Will Always Love You.

Hilton then changed into her final dress of the evening, a short white a-line dress that paid compliments to her first dress, bringing her glamorous outfits back round in a full circle. 

We look forward to seeing the heiress’ wedding in immense detail soon!

Congratulations Paris!

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